MBA, Harvard Business School
Emerging Technology

Tory holds an MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS).  She remains involved with HBS as an advocate for the HBS First-Gen Low-Income Student Club, which she founded and has since actively supported, and in building tech industry case studies with the HBS faculty.

Tory’s professional experience has spanned politics and emerging technology. Upon graduating from Wellesley College, she started her career on Capitol Hill, including in the executive branch as a political appointee in the Obama Biden administration. Tory later utilized her love for programming and product development working for two “in-the-news” consumer-driven, experience-based tech companies, as a leader of augmented and virtual reality and machine learning.

Tory is passionate about mentoring the next generation, as she was a recipient of valuable guidance in her MBA admissions process where she extensively researched every top MBA program. She views differences across MBA applicants as an essential mosaic that appeals to the holistic priorities of the top MBA programs. Tory expertly guides her clients to articulate how they will directly impact the incoming MBA class, where students are from all walks of life and shaped by a broad array of unique experiences.

Tory’s hometown is Windham Village, Vermont and has since dedicated herself to reimagine what’s possible.