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“I purchased the Kellogg essay guide, interview guide and resume guide from Stacy Blackman.

Last week, I found out that I was accepted to Kellogg’s 2013 Fall PTMBA program!  Your essay guide was particularly helpful as I sat down to brainstorm the questions. It was able to give me a good foundation for what an “accepted” essay looks like and how to structure / flow the essay from the many topics within each question.

The interview guide helped me prepare for my interview and know what to expect.  The questions from the “4 interviews” were almost dead on to what my interviewer asked me.  I felt prepared to answer the questions honestly as I was better able to understand the types of questions the interviewer would be asking me and what types of answers they were looking for.

The resume guide helped me turn my “job specific” resume into a general resume. I didn’t revise my essay too much because Kellogg only requires a resume for the interview & not in the application itself.  However, it did help me feel more confident about the layout of my resume and the content I chose to include.

I just wanted to thank you for producing such helpful materials.  I don’t think my essays would have been as strong without your guides and I would have felt less prepared for my interview.  I am excited to join the 2013 Kellogg PTMBA class this fall!”

“Stacy Blackman Consulting’s Essay Guide was invaluable to me and provided a detailed exploration into each essay question. The individual analysis helped break down daunting essay questions and get to the heart of the issues.”

“The guide helped transform my essays into a much more potent representation of me. This was exactly what I wanted the admissions committee to see!”

“The Stacy Blackman Consulting Essay Guide helps define both what the admissions officers are looking for in a great essay and what would miss the mark. It offers a unique, in-depth analysis of each essay question on the basis of key themes and ideas that all well-crafted essays must contain.”

“Thank you for creating the Essay Guides!  I have purchased one for each of the three schools that I am applying to.  For me one of the most valuable sections is the beginning where you outline the qualities that each school values – this has helped me to understand how each school is different and how to effectively customize my applications.  I am finding them to be incredible resources – they help me feel like I am not going it alone, but have a real expert on my team.”

“Wanted to let you know that your HBS Essay Guide was the one resource I used last year when applying to Harvard and Haas.  I got in to HBS and waitlisted at Haas!  I am so grateful for the insights imparted in the guide.  Thanks!”

“The analysis, tips and sample essays are soooo helpful.  Love the Essay guides.  But you need to make one for Tuck!”

“I think your essay guides are fabulous. I can’t imagine a better superlative for the detail you’ve provided in your essays. Very Very Impressive.”

“The branding guide is an incredible help.  Great resource – thank you.”

“Very nice work – branding guide and resume guides were both a huge help to me.”

“Getting interviews left and right and felt I should thank you for the essay guides which were tremendous resources.  Definitely going to purchase the interview guides to help with prep now.”


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