Five Years to Business School has a great feature going on right now, entitled Five Years to Business School.  It’s a five part series which provides a year by year guide to what you should be doing in order to be most attractive to business schools.  It’s ideal for anyone who is just graduating from undergrad and starting out, but it can also be extremely helpful to anyone who is at some point on the path to business school. 

The Third Year was published today and has great advice on this stage of your career and extra-curricular life.  Stacy Blackman spoke with the writer, Francesca Di Meglio, and offered insight into what would ideally be happening in Year 3 of the five year plan.  Highlights include:

  • career advancement
  • GMAT
  • mentoring

For more details, and to view Year 1 and Year 2, check out the article.

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