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Lauren Sutkowski, MIT Sloan class of 2019, major scholarship recipient
Stacy Blackman Consulting client + Forte MBALaunch Alum

GPA: 3.53
Undergrad: Penn State
Testing: Submitted GMAT
Work Experience: Dow Chemical
Years Since Undergrad: Three years upon application
Extracurricular Snapshot: Non-profit board member, MS Walk Task force member

Results: 2 admits to top MBA programs with significant scholarship awards 

Overview of Lauren’s engagement with SBC
SBC Consultant: Jess, a seasoned marketer and MBA advisor

Focus of engagement
1) Showcase strengths through a relevant, overarching framework.

Jess identified an entrepreneurial pattern in Lauren’s professional and personal backgrounds. Lauren spearheaded multiple groups at her employer, Dow Chemical.  Outside of work, she was a board member of Personal Assistance Options where she impacted the non-profit’s strategic direction. Jess helped Lauren develop a specific and unique framework uniting her disparate experiences and highlighting her organizational impact in a manner that resonated with Admissions Officers.

2) Find an angle that is current and engaging.  
Lauren worked for Dow Chemical, which isn’t a heavy feeder to top MBA programs.  Jess and the SBC team helped to define and highlight business and cultural trends throughout Lauren’s story, focused on Lauren’s work around environmental sustainability. This positioned her work experience in a way that made it more relevant to current conversations at business schools.

3) Add gravitas.
Lauren’s pre-MBA title was that of a Sr. Supply Chain Specialist. We worked to show Lauren’s level of MBA rigor and conviction. Her participation in the Forte Launch programs demonstrated the MBA intention and commitment. Jess wove additional depth into Lauren’s story by reframing work responsibilities, defining talking points for Lauren’s recommenders and infusing relevant concepts into Lauren’s essays to show she was an elite MBA applicant.

SBC is a proud sponsor of the Forté Foundation, a non-profit consortium working together to support women in their MBA pursuits.

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