Gearing Up for Round 1 at Harvard Business School

visit HBS before Round 1

With the official end of the 2014-2015 MBA admissions season just over a week away, Harvard Business School‘s Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Dee Leopold previewed what’s ahead for next season’s Round 1 applicants.

One important tip for candidates aiming for the first round is to plan for a campus visit right now, if possible, while there’s still signup availability over the next 10 days. There will be no opportunity to see the famous Case Method in action prior to the September 9th deadline.

Beginning May 8th, on-campus info sessions will take place Monday and Friday at 2 pm with AdCom members with plenty of time for questions, Leopold assures, noting that the calendar will post room locations each week. No advance notice is required.  Also as of May 8th, HBS will conduct campus tours at 1:15 pm on Monday and Friday.

Finally, the director says essay and recommender questions will be posted on May 15th, and the application for Class of 2018 will go live in mid-June. Stay tuned!

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