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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer-adaptive standardized test in mathematics and English that is used by graduate business school admissions committees.  The exam is intended to measure verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills that the candidate has developed over a long period of time in his or her education and work.

Scores are valid for five years from the date the test taker sits for the exam. The maximum score that can be achieved on the exam is 800.

The GMAT exam is administered year-round and on demand at test centers around the world. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment to take the exam, the first step is to register for the test at

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Exponents – Test Prep New York
Factorization/Divisibility/Problem Solving/Data Sufficiency
Fear Not Data Sufficiency; Think As A Test Writer
General Strategies For Quant: Estimations: Why An MBA Is Not An MSc. Part I  
General Strategies For Quant: Estimations: Why An MBA Is Not An MSc. Part II
GMAT Primer: Plane And Coordinate Geometry Basics
How To Feign Math Skills Developed Over Time With A Robust GMAT Study Plan, Part I – Test Prep New York
Inequalities – Test Prep New York
Introduction To GMAT Data Sufficiency – Magoosh
Keeping Things In Proportion
Loneliest Numbers:  Pizza, Dance Partners, And Remainders On The GMAT – Test Prep New York
Mixture Questions – Test Prep New York
Number Properties – Test Prep New York
Probability – Test Prep New York
Quant: Divide And Conquer Part 1: A Top Down Approach
Quant: Divide And Conquer Part 2: A Bottom Up Approach
Rephrasing The Target Question – Beat the GMAT
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions – Test Prep New York
Standard Deviation – Test Prep New York
The GMAT And No Calculator – Magoosh
Three Approaches To Probability Questions – Beat the GMAT
Weighted-Averages – Test Prep New York
What’s In A Percent?
When Logic Trumps Formulas: Even And Odd

GMAT Verbal

5 Tips for Higher AWA Scores On The GMAT
A GMAT Sentence Correction Primer – Test Prep New York
Argument Essay: Finding Flaws In An Argument Part I
Argument Essay: Finding Flaws In An Argument Part II
Critical Reasoning General Strategy: Life Through Simplification
Critical Reasoning General Strategy: The Maverick
Critical Reasoning General Strategy: Which Critical Reasoner Are You? – Part I: The Airhead
Critical Reasoning General Strategy: Which Critical Reasoner Are You? — Part II: The White Rabbit
Five Steps To Rock GMAT RC
General Strategy – Necessary But Insufficient
GMAT Sentence Corrections: Idioms Update – Test Prep New York
Mastering The AWA Templates – Test Prep New York
Punctuation: When Commas Are Splicing Up Your Chances!
Sentence Correction: Modifiers Left To Dangle! When The Whole Sentence Is Underlined
Sentence Correction: The Collision Of Past And Present
Sentence Correction: The Subject Of These Sentences That Are Complex, Are Not Always Apparent
Why Sentence Correction Is Crucial And How To Improve Your Skills Efficiently

General GMAT Test Taking Strategy

GMAT Time Management 101 – Test Prep New York


Retaking The GMAT – Why, When, And How – Test Prep New York
GMAT Integrated Reasoning: What To Expect – GMAT Pill


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