Having an MBA Timeline is Key to Success

Building a “critical path” as part of the admissions process is the subject of yesterday’s timely blog post by Niki da Silva, director of MBA recruiting and admissions at the Richard Ivey School of Business.

Timing and planning are key to reducing the stress of the application process, and da Silva encourages applicants to channel their energy and enthusiasm into planning through their MBA steps. This way, candidates can commit enough time to put their ”˜best foot forward’ when it comes to completing all of the application requirements, she says.

By identifying your desired program’s start date and planning backward through the necessary steps required to meet all admissions components, you’ll build what da Silva calls a “critical path” that makes the process manageable and allows you to shine in every aspect.

Here are some of da Silva’s time management suggestions for the MBA application process:

  • Devote a significant amount of time to GMAT preparation, typically at least 100 hours;
  • allow yourself the time to develop thoughtful MBA essays;
  • ensure you have built relationships and briefed the individuals you will approach for references.

“Be thoughtful, and practical, and do your best to plan your MBA start, just like you might plan an important project, event, or work initiative,” da Silva recommends, and promises that this approach will pay off.
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