Tuesday Tips: IESE MBA Essays and Tips for 2020-2021

IESE MBAIESE Business School offers a world-class MBA program based in Spain, which started as an alliance with Harvard Business School. The IESE MBA program attracts students from more than 64 different countries and offers a globally-minded education in either 15 or 19 months.

The IESE MBA ranking and brand continues to rise, coming in 3rd in the Financial Times 2019 Best MBA in Europe list.  To teach its core general management curriculum, the school uses both the Case Method and other experience-based learning approaches. (Instruction takes place in both English and Spanish.)

You can learn more about the allure of international MBA program options by reading our consultant advice: Why US Applicants Should Consider MBA Programs Abroad.

IESE is looking for MBA applicants with academic ability, personal drive, and confidence. Also, your IESE MBA application should include leadership, work experience, and an international outlook.

Make sure you show you have excellent communication skills, a team player mentality, and strong values. As you draft your IESE MBA essays, remember to weave these attributes into your MBA application.

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Application Essay #1

If you had to come up with a motto for your life, what would it be and why? Please give an example of how you have demonstrated it (word limit 300 max)

Through our years of experience with successful MBA candidates, we have witnessed the power of strong, attention-grabbing personal stories. You don’t have to be perfect, but you should be genuine and personal. For this IESE MBA essay, make sure the reader understands your true character. In many ways, a motto is a statement about your passions in life.

First, identify your motto. What are the phrases you tell yourself? It could be something as simple as “Be Kind.” Or, perhaps you have a famous quote that resonates, like the motto often attributed to Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Second, explain why this motto resonates with you. Are you reminding yourself of a higher ideal? Or, you may be grounding yourself in your values. Finally, provide an example of when you have demonstrated your motto.

Think about a time when you used your motto as a mantra to remind yourself to behave in line with your values. On the other hand, your motto could have helped you with interpersonal challenges or to take on a leadership role.


Application Essay #2

Describe your short and medium-term post-MBA goals? How will the IESE MBA help you achieve them? (word limit 300 max)

Essay two focuses specifically on your career goals and why IESE. The admissions committee can see your resume within the application, so this essay should give the background of who you are and why you have made your choices. Think about one or two pivotal career moments you may want to explore.

Ideally, your experiences have led to a career goal that you can describe clearly. In other words, be specific. For example, if you want to go into venture capital after graduation, talk about the industry you would like to focus on. Further, you could describe the products you like within that industry or any other details.

Then, you will want to explain why an MBA is your next step. What will you learn in the IESE MBA program to complement your work experiences? Will your classmates and the environment benefit from your expertise? Specific classes and professors are always useful details to add.

Optional Essay

What would you like to highlight about yourself or your journey which may have not been captured in your application? (word limit 300 max)

This optional essay is entirely open-ended and allows you to explain anything additional. Therefore, think about the stories you could tell about your background and questions to describe your journey.

If you focused on your career in the previous questions, this is a great essay to tell a personal story. For example, you could describe your background and motivations that have led to your accomplishments. Or, you could discuss a challenge in your life that has built character and impacted your life journey. Finally, make sure to include specific details to strengthen your story.

Also, to track this essay to the IESE MBA criteria, you could use this space to demonstrate that you have personal drive, international outlook, and strong values.

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