INSEAD MBA Deadlines for 2019-2020

INSEAD MBA deadlinesAre you interested in an MBA from the highly ranked international business school INSEAD? Then check out these INSEAD MBA deadlines for the September and January intakes!

INSEAD MBA Deadlines: September Intake (Class of July 2021)

Round 1

Application due: September 18, 2019
Decision released: November 22, 2019

Round 2

Application due: November 6, 2019
Decision released: January 24, 2020

Round 3

Application due: January 15, 2020
Decision released: March 20, 2020

Round 4

Application due: February 26, 2020
Decision released: April 30, 2020

INSEAD MBA Deadlines: January Intake (Class of December 2021)

Round 1

Application due: March 11, 2020
Decision released: May 15, 2020

Round 2

Application due: May 6, 2020
Decision released: July 10, 2020

Round 3

Application due: June 24, 2020
Decision released: September 4, 2020

Round 4

Application due: July 28, 2020
Decision released: September 25, 2020


To be included in a specific round, you must submit your completed application by 23:59pm French time on the day of the deadline.

To enjoy an optimum application experience and to avoid the peak period, INSEAD strongly encourages you to apply a couple of weeks prior to the application deadline, if possible.

Competition for each round is equal regardless of the intake or round you apply for. INSEAD reviews the pool of applications submitted within each round independently. This keeps the “offer ratio” (percentage of candidates accepted vs. applications received) fairly constant across all rounds.

For more information on applying, please visit the INSEAD admissions website.

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