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Once again, we’re back to check in with what some of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz bloggers have been up to lately as we roll full-steam ahead into the holiday season, round two deadlines, and, for some applicants, the dreaded waitlist. From thoughts on conquering essays to how to survive until Decision Day, our contributors have lots of interesting viewpoints to share.

Essay tips on the go—The essay-writing portion of the application is usually the most stressful component for applicants, particularly those not used to expressing themselves on paper. After all, few businesspeople use prose in their day-to-day tasks! Fortunately, Asax has seven tips to share that may ease some anxieties out there. His most important tip: remember that “you’re not going to get your essays right in the first go even if you are a journalist. So, be ready to cut the crap, cut it again and again until you get a clear message across.”

A different kind of waitlist woe—It seems sometimes that dedicated, interested students just can’t get a break when it comes to getting off the waitlist. CMU Tepper’s Julianne shares her disappointment over a certain Strategy professor who wouldn’t/couldn’t offer her a seat even though the school has a randomly-enforced no-show policy and other enrolled students repeatedly blew off class.

Playing the waiting game—Waiting for your admission results is excruciating, but MBA Over 30 is finding ways to productively pass the time via round two applications, and looking ahead to a future when he’ll no longer feel compelled to log into the b-school blogosphere’s forums and websites for a daily dose of all-things MBA.

For the international applicants out there—English is a tricky language, no doubt, and Rolipolli shares a humorous rhyming post laying out several example of why the rules of the English language, particularly as it pertains to plurals, make no sense whatsoever.

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