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Read on for real stories from MBA applicants, students…and the occasional AdCom staff.

Journey2BSchool is struggling with below-desired scores on the GMAT practice exams and asks for advice from fellow applicants on whether it’s better to apply in R2 or perhaps hold off on B-school entirely.

Chandara, meanwhile, is feeling relieved to have the first GMAT attempt behind her. Far from being a precise mechanism for measuring one’s aptitude, Chandara says the GMAT measures how well one can perform under pressure.

Lisa Beisser from MBA admissions at Kenan-Flagler is on the road again with an update on plans for this year’s admissions recruiting season and the prediction that this will be a banner year for MBA applications.

A botched impromptu speech reminded Sean Simplicio of the Berkeley MBA Student Blogs the importance of learning about yourself. He says B-school is the place to acquire any lacking skills in order to proceed to higher levels of influence and success in the business world.

The Darden MBA Student Blog has posted some photos from the recent orientation hike to Blackrock Summit for first year students.

Halfway through her MBA quest, HappyBunny is trying to stay positive and keep her greatest strength–passion–from turning into a weakness called obsession.

Samantha is wrapping up the packets for her two recommenders after listening to Stanford’s podcast on advice for recommendations (don’t give someone all 5’s because they don’t get a real sense of the applicant; tell good stories instead of just talking in superlatives).

After a lengthy absence, Veni, Vidi Vici is back with promises of more frequent but shorter blog posts, and admiration for fellow bloggers/potential competitors who have been hard at work submitting applications.

JulyDream experienced the dreaded cold call of the case study method last week. Lesson learned: Never lose eye contact with a professor as he’s scaling the room for a cold call.

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