Admissions Officer at Stanford's Graduate School of Business (GSB)
MBA, Stanford's Graduate School of Business (GSB)

Jennifer served as Admissions Officer at the Stanford (GSB) for five years. She holds an MBA from Stanford (GSB) and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Jennifer has over 15 years experience in guiding applicants through the increasingly competitive admissions process into top MBA programs. Having read thousands and thousands of essays and applications while at Stanford (GSB) Admissions, Jennifer can quickly identify your strongest differentiators, best examples, and how to connect with AdCom Readers using your own unique voice. When applying to multiple schools, she can also guide you to customize your strongest stories for each school (hint: you don’t want Stanford essays to sound “too much like Harvard” or vice versa). 

From early career recruiting and management activities at Procter & Gamble, to the “MBA Essentials” brown bag lunch courses at Oracle which led to an official career shift into HR / Talent Development, to co-founding a Recruiting Tech startup, Jennifer has loved working with people to help them identify, articulate and achieve their professional goals. Having held a variety of roles including STEM, marketing, operations, entrepreneurship, finance (co-founding a search fund and a summer Associate i-banking stint), and non-profit (pro bono volunteering in education and Marketing Board Member for an Arts organization), Jennifer can personally relate to many client backgrounds and aspirations. 

Her “road not taken” was pursuing a Journalism degree from Northwestern, and in every job and extracurricular Jennifer has found a way to include and further develop her writing and editing skills. She especially loves working with clients through the essay process to craft, polish and promote their own individual stories.

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