Hourly Services

Partner with one of our consultants to work on whatever aspect of your applications you choose. You can roll up to three hours into the purchase of an All-In package.

Our rate is $365 per hour with a two hour minimum. We offer discounted packages, listed below.

Here are some ways that we typically work with clients, with hourly estimates.

Initial Strategic Planning 3
Background Assessment/School Selection 2
Resume Review 2
Recommendation Counseling – selection, prep, review 2
Essay Review – one draft of set of essays 3
Waitlist Strategy & Communications 2
Ding Analysis 3
Career Coaching 2

Step 1: Choose a package

Click on the “Add to cart” button for the package you’re interested in:

1 hour @ $365 / hour (min 2 hours) $365 Add To Cart
5 hours @ $358 / hour $1,789 Add To Cart
10 hours @ $343 / hour $3,431 Add To Cart
15 hours @ $325 / hour $4,873 Add To Cart


Step 2: Submit information

Complete this form to outline what you hope to accomplish during our engagement. This will enable us to find the best consultant for you.

When you purchase the hourly services above you agree to our terms and conditions.

Please note:

  • There are no refunds for unused hours. Please purchase only what you will need.
  • Hours must be used in full within one year of the date of purchase.
  • There is a two hour minimum on the hourly service.
  • Payment is always required prior to delivery of service.
  • Hours spent live on the phone and offline reviewing documents are both tracked.