The All-In Package

Get into business school. Change your life. Change the world. We’ll show you the way.

Who Should Go All-In?

Who should go All-In? An Ivy League grad keenly aware that when it comes to MBA admissions, there are no guarantees. An applicant who faces challenges such as suspensions, failed classes, lay-offs or low numbers. Or, anyone who hopes to get in to business school and knows that hope alone does not make dreams come true.

Since 2001, Stacy Blackman Consulting clients have received unparalleled rates of acceptances to and scholarships from every top business school in the world. In 2012, SBC clients received over $2.5 million in scholarship offers.


  • Success Isn’t Trendy.
    Our Results Are Consistent.

    A success rate ranging from 92 to 98% since 2001 and 20% of admitted clients receiving generous merit scholarships. We’ve shown that we’ve got what it takes to help you get where you want to go. View hundreds of our testimonials. Google us to view hundreds more testimonials all over the web.

  • Who We Are Is As
    Important As What We Do.

    An elite team supported by continually updated resources and the most current in-service training. We’re proud of our team and what we’ve accomplished.

  • Our Whole Team is On Your Team.

    For every kind of client, we only have one strategy: build upon what’s worked while personalizing the process. Our essential layers of review ensures that via a Flight Test, your client liaison, your interview specialist and our Extra Eyes team, no stone is left unturned.

  • We’ve Got Insider Insights
    And We’re Sharing Them With You.

    U.S News, CNET and the Wharton School have all asked SBC to be their B-School Blogger. We are the go-to resource for journalists at Fortune, The Economist and many other publications. Why? Because our proven track record and extensive reach makes us a key resource for those supposed to be in the know.

  • Unlimited Resources, Unlimited Answers, Unlimited Access.

    We have endless energy, enthusiasm and information for our clients. There is no scenario we haven’t worked through and no case we can’t handle. We’re turning no’s into yes’s and making dreams come true by using what we’ve built over time: best practices honed over a decade, hundreds of sample essays and interview transcripts and school specific guides that will keep you in the know.

How It Works


Our process begins with the meticulous pairing of clients and consultants based on histories, needs and goals. Some of our consultants have a sweet spot for non-traditional applicants while others excel with engineers. Just like you, our consultants’ backgrounds and perspectives are varied.

You’ll be matched with someone who believes in your candidacy and who is excited to work with you. Before you’re paired, you can review bios and speak with potential consultants so you feel 100% comfortable.

We don’t begin an engagement or accept payment until you feel you’ve been paired with the perfect match.


So, you’ve been paired with the perfect consultant. Now, it’s time to build an action plan. That starts with a kick-off meeting during which your consultant will dig into the who, what, how and why that form your story.

With a real sense of your history, you and your consultant will come up with a customized application strategy.

Your Strategy Will Include:

  • Outlining your strengths and your “reasons to believe”.
  • Identifying weaknesses and how to mitigate them. (Our clients learn that their weaknesses can also be amazing opportunities, and the things they worry about are often what set them apart.)
  • Selecting stories and experiences that suit specific essay questions.
  • Planning for implementation of strategy through every interaction with target schools.
  • School Selection: We’ll have an in-depth and honest discussion about your profile and then make recommendations while still adhering to your vision.
  • Recommendation Strategy: We will help you select recommenders and develop materials to guide and assist them.
  • School guides for available programs on your list.

You’ll receive an Application Strategy Document, which serves as a roadmap for your applications.

Guidance on leveraging social media to support your application strategy.


We implement your personal strategy across every point of contact with your target schools: data forms, informal communications, essays, resume, recommendations. There are no limits on our reviews.

We are here for you, recognizing that many applicants are balancing work, family, and other commitments with the very intense admissions process. We are available weekends, evenings as well as regular work hours.


As a client, you have access to our entire team. Your primary consultant will help you connect with other experts as needed for additional essay reviews or to answer your more complex questions.

Clients also have a dedicated client liaison who serves as an additional resource to answer questions, help brainstorm ideas or complete essay reviews. Your client liaison works with a bigger portion of the applicant pool and can provide an additional perspective on how your application compares to others.

You can also receive an “Extra Eyes” review from a relevant expert on our team. Multiple and diverse layers of review are a hallmark of the SBC service; this approach prevents tunnel vision and provides you with all of the perspectives and inputs that you require.

Our online resource center is a vault with over a decade of data: sample essays, recommendations, resumes, school overviews, interview transcripts and more. We’ll give you school specific insights along the way and discuss what that means for you. Every year is different and every candidate is unique so accept nothing less than personalized attention that reflects your individuality.


You’ve come so far. You’ve almost completed the very intense MBA application process. But before we send it off, we want to make sure it’s perfect. That means fresh eyes and maybe a fresh take.

Once a full set of application materials for your initial school have been drafted, but not finalized, the application will be sent to a former admissions committee member for a one time review, adcomm style. You’ll have the benefit of a true admissions committee review while still having the ability to tinker and change.

You will then partner with your primary consultant to incorporate the feedback and finalize your b-school application.


Our interview video platform will be key to your initial interview prep. Respond to automated interview prompts, record your live interview and play back to reflect and refine your technique. Practice as often as you wish and submit one video for written feedback from a team expert.

Your primary consultant will share proven interview tips which you can then put to the test in a scheduled mock interview. Your mock interview can take place in person, via Skype, or over the phone, but will always include time at the end for feedback.

We model our interviews after the real thing, simulating Stanford’s ambassador-like friendly approach, Harvard’s grueling inquisition and Wharton’s group discussion. Any mock group interviews will deliver written feedback at the end.

Your consultant will make sure you’re not only ready for your interview, but excited. You’ll have the confidence that only comes with practice and precision.



From which school’s acceptance to take, to how best to navigate a waitlist, to drafting a deferral letter, our services do not end when your application is completed. Our formal services end once you accept admission to a school, but we do hope you’ll stay in touch and join an active pool of SBC alums. Your success is our success and we want to hear about it!

Stacy Blackman Consulting All-In Package

Going All-In means you saying yes to making your hopes a reality. Going All-In puts you on the path to having the future you deserve. Going All-In means you believing in yourself, your talent and your potential.

Going-All In means we are here for you anytime, day or night. Going-All In means you are not in this alone, we are partners, in this together, through the very end. Going-All In means you not putting your future in the hands of hope. Instead, you put your future in your own hands and ours. Going All-In means success isn’t just for someone else, it’s for you.

So should you go All-In? Absolutely. Let’s discuss:

Our Team

Dreamers and do-ers, we are a Team of success stories ourselves. Just take a look at the bios of a few of our featured consultants, each of whom has something to offer you. Let’s Meet:

Click on a featured consultant below to learn more.

  • Caryn
  • Ryan
  • Beth
  • Sherry
  • Jay
  • Jen


STATS: MBA Kellogg School of Management. BBA University of Michigan with distinction. Kellogg Admissions Officer.

Caryn has immersed herself in the MBA admissions process for almost a decade. Before joining Stacy Blackman Consulting, Caryn worked as an Admissions Officer for Kellogg where she read and evaluated thousands of applications and recommended admission to Kellogg. She also conducted numerous applicant interviews assessing candidate fit and future potential at Kellogg and beyond.

In addition to her MBA admissions work, Caryn has a deep background in the corporate world with roles in marketing, strategy and finance, most recently serving as a Senior Marketing Manager for Gatorade/Pepsico, where she led Gatorade’s efforts in a variety of successful consumer programs. Long involved in both on and off-campus recruiting, she also co-led all of the Kellogg recruiting efforts for the PepsiCo Chicago office. Prior to receiving her MBA, Caryn worked in corporate finance and public accounting as well as obtained her CPA certification.

Caryn has an exceptional success rate and is particularly good at helping clients clearly define ambiguous career goals and develop a personal story. She has successfully assisted clients with every top business school around the globe.

And if Caryn looks a bit familiar, ask her what famous movie she (quickly) appeared in!


STATS: MBA, Cornell’s Johnson School of Management with full scholarship and acceptance into Cornell’s Park Leadership Program. Admissions committees: Cornell University, Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Ryan worked for four years in MBA admissions at Cornell University and The Kenan-Flagler Business School, during which time he reviewed over 1,500 business school applications and interviewed over 500 MBA candidates. In addition, Ryan has over six years of marketing and corporate strategy consulting experience. He has advised executives from more than 25 Fortune 500 companies on marketing, branding, and corporate strategy, and has advised several prominent political figures from around New England.

In his free time, Ryan leads a Boston-area youth program and counsels inner city high school students on their resumes and college applications. He has delivered motivational speeches to high school students and young professionals, and has spoken to audiences of up to 2,500 people. Be sure to ask him about one particular speech he gave, though, which he considers his most embarrassing moment.


STATS: MBA, Kellogg School of Management, BA Northwestern University, Director of Admissions Kellogg School of Management

Working at Kellogg for over three years, Beth held the position of Director of Admissions for the Full Time MBA program selecting candidates for the 2-year, 1-year, MMM and JD/MBA programs. Having reviewed over 3,000 applicant files of all backgrounds and industries, she oversaw the Kellogg admissions team through the decision process and represented Kellogg on the road domestically as well as in Brazil, Dubai, and Europe.

Beth’s career began in management consulting at Accenture, where she consulted for multi-national financial services firms, and was based out of Chicago and Sydney, Australia.  Beth continued her client services work at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) in commercial real estate. Beth developed portfolio strategy, negotiated contracts, and managed JLL’s strategic alliance clients, including several fortune 500 companies, such as Huron Consulting Group, Xerox, Convergys, Sun Microsystems, and KPMG.

Outside of SBC, Beth is an avid reader and also enjoys being outdoors and practicing pilates.


STATS: BS, Cornell, Fuqua Admissions Officer

Before becoming an MBA application advisor, Sherry spent four years working at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University as a Director of Admissions where she evaluated applications, sat on the admissions and merit scholarship committees and coached unsuccessful applicants on how best to improve their application so that they could reapply the following year. She also supervised Fuqua’s international admissions procedures and traveled extensively throughout the US, Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East and India recruiting and interviewing prospective students.

Sherry’s other professional experiences include Human Resource Management, teaching, coaching and sales management.

Sherry’s strengths in teaching, evaluating and storytelling result in very effective and successful applications. Sherry’s long list of successful applications includes every top school.

Ask Sherry about the challenges she faced getting Oprah Winfrey’s dogs on her private plane to Hawaii, or talk with her about her decades long relationship mentoring through the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters program.


STATS: Admissions Officer, Chicago Booth, BA Economics St. Lawrence University, MS in Higher Education Administration, Drexel University

Jay has a decade of admissions experience at a variety of selective institutions at all levels.  As a former Admissions Officer at Chicago Booth, he is passionate about helping students successfully navigate their path into a top tier MBA program and elevating their professional careers.  Having reviewed thousands of applications for Chicago Booth, he knows what it takes to capture the attention of top MBA Admissions readers.

Jay has helped countless students gain admission to the institutions of their dreams and is a relentless advocate for higher education. Jay has also professional admissions experience at The College of New Jersey, Colgate University and the University of Miami. Over his career, he has read over 15,000 applications and has experience in recruitment, application review, and interviewing.

Ask Jay about his dream of opening his own pizza shop and which dough recipe is his favorite.


STATS: MBA, Stanford GSB, MS Mechanical Engineering, BS Bioengineering UC Berkeley

Following business school, Jen ran a technology and innovation management consultancy, with major clients including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Lockheed Martin.  She has also worked in business development and engineering roles at Pacific Nanotechnology (now Agilent), Microfabrica, and Onix Microsystems.

Jen holds a patent in the field of microelectronics and has been published in several technical journals. She began her career as an engineer working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Jen is caretaker to a menagerie of animals, including a 30-year old turtle.  Ask Jen about her latest addition, chickens!

Your Investment

Your Investment

We don’t just believe in our clients, we believe in ourselves. We believe you have what it takes to get into Business School and you just need us to show you how. We believe there is a perfect school for every candidate. And we believe in what we do, otherwise we wouldn’t do it.

We will not work with you if we do not believe in you. And we believe in our ability to guide you to success. While our work together is a partnership, we take our role seriously. For these reasons, we will refund $1,000 if you are not successful with at least one school on any package of four or more schools.

All-In Service Pricing

2018-2019 Pricing for Comprehensive Services:

1 School Package $4,850 Add to Cart →
2 School Package $6,850 Add to Cart →
3 School Package $8,700 Add to Cart →
4 School Package $10,300 Add to Cart →
5 School Package $11,800 Add to Cart →
6 School Package $13,200 Add to Cart →
7 School Package $14,500 Add to Cart →

Our track record predicts success, but if things do not go as planned, we will happily return a portion of your fees: $1,000 on a four (or more) school package.

View the refund policy for All-In services.
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