Q – Are your services frowned upon by business schools?
A – Our relationships with MBA programs are very positive and constantly growing.  We have personal relationships with representatives from the top schools, in admissions, marketing and administration.  Many schools proactively reach out to SBC to share program news and in order to work together to place the right applicants in their schools.
Our services are recognized as being high quality and ethical, as we are careful to act as a coach and consultant, not a ghost writer.  We do not draft essays for our clients.
Stacy Blackman Consulting is also a member of AIGAC, the Association for Independent Graduate Admissions Consultants, which promotes high ethical standards in our industry.  Stacy Blackman was elected to the AIGAC Board of Directors in 2007 and was re-elected in 2009.

Q – Do you conduct your services in person?
A – If we have a consultant in your area, we always enjoy meeting you in person.  This usually happens during your kick off meeting and mock interview.  However, this is not critical for a successful process.  Most of our work is completed via phone and email.  Email is especially well suited for the very frequent and spontaneous interaction that takes place between clients and consultants.  We have successfully managed relationships with clients all over the world despite not being able to meet in person.

Q – What is consultant availability?  How responsive can I expect my consultant to be?
A – Consultants are completely accessible and amenable to working around your busy life, scheduling appointments in the evening and on weekends. In order to achieve this, we limit the number of clients we take on and every year turn clients away. Stacy Blackman Consulting refuses to be a bottleneck in this process; we are extremely responsive.

Q – Do you work with re-applicants?
A – Yes.  If you applied on your own, were unsuccessful, and want to try again, we’d love to speak with you.  Every year, we have clients reapply and earn acceptances from the top schools.

Q – Do you cap the number of hours in your Comprehensive Package?
A – NO.

Q – What types of clients do you work with?
A – We have worked with clients from every type of background.  We have seen it all… low GPA, low GMAT, gap in work experience, lack of community service, people from over-served demographics,  bankers, consultants,  lawyers, recently unemployed, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, people who work with their family’s company, non-profit managers, engineers, military, and people from all over the world – Africa, India, China, Brazil, France and Israel are just a few spots on the globe that we interact with regularly.

Q – What are my chances of getting into my target schools?
A – Being a successful applicant means much more than having a high GMAT score, a solid GPA from a top school or having a strong resume.  In fact, every year there are people who have VERY strong scores and interesting resumes who are not admitted.  What matters most is the story you tell; if your story is compelling, you will have a very good chance of being admitted to a school that is a good fit for you.  We can help you identify which schools are the best fit for you, and that process will be more involved than a quick look at a resume or basic numbers.

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