Can we get you into HBS and … Why SBC?

Q – I want to go to HBS. How can SBC help?
A – We can share our value only after we validate that your target schools are within reach for your profile. We can’t assure for every inquiry that our partnership will produce HBS or a comparable admit. We are honest, because we know that the pursuit of the MBA is life-altering for our clients. We take that process seriously. We’d love to review your resume or Linkedin, so we can provide tailored feedback.

Q – How is SBC different than other MBA consulting firms?
A –Five reasons are outlined below.

1) SBC is the only consulting firm in the industry who has on our team a complete panel of former MBA Admissions Officers from the M7 US programs and LBS and INSEAD. No other firm has this complete talent, as Poets & Quants just released in their 2021 investigative overview. 75% of our MBA consultant team hails from the top seven MBA programs as MBA graduates and/or former MBA Admissions Officers.

See snapshot below and bios here:
–three former Harvard HBS Admissions Officers
–a former Stanford GSB Admissions Officer who holds a GSB MBA
–a former Stanford GSB Admissions Officer who also worked at Haas as Director of Admissions
–4 former Kellogg Admissions Officers who also hold Kellogg MBAs
–4 former Wharton Admissions officers including two from Wharton Lauder
–European school inside knowledge with former Admissions Officers from LBS,  INSEAD and Oxford

2) SBC’s engagement model of a dedicated consultant with additional review by our AdCom team is the most robust of all firms. SBC offers unlimited time with a carefully selected Primary Consultant, allowing for full accountability and dedication. A candidate’s identity and character is best captured with one consultant completely responsible for success. SBC also believes in checks and balances, as it has the Flight Test which is a complete review by a former Admissions Officer. This structured feedback from a former Admissions Officer (AdCom) mimics a real AdCom review and helps to ensure that a candidate’s application is most compelling to the target audience. We also include free access to a database of successful essays and interview questions and online guides. 

3) SBC has the highest number of online reviews across multiple sites on the Internet. Google “Stacy Blackman Consulting” and check out our online reviews. This is unparalleled Internet accountability. Since 2001, SBC clients have received remarkable rates of acceptances to and scholarships from every top business school in the world. In 2018-19, SBC clients received over $4.8 million in scholarship offers. SBC is top ranked on the following sites.

4) SBC was chosen as the exclusive partner of the GRE test service, ETS, because of our thought leadership and team caliber. SBC’s top quality brand is the reason why we were the only firm selected for the GRE and TOEFL promotional campaign.

5) SBC’s consultants are trained consistently and overseen through quality assurance measures, including a cap of clients per round, to ensure we forge a high-touch relationship with each client. Our team is carefully screened and receives ongoing training which includes conference calls with AdCom teams from top schools, in-house training with our on boarding expert, regular team calls to facilitate sharing of best practices, online resources within our company database such as sample essays, and interview transcripts. We also limit consultant load carefully because we do not want a situation where one consultant has ten clients with the same deadline all vying for attention the night before. All of our consultants are experienced, knowledgeable and NOT overwhelmed by a full time load of clients.

Q – Will I work with one consultant or a team?
A – You will have unlimited time with a dedicated Primary Consultant, as well as access to other experts through the Flight Testwhich is a complete review by a former Admissions Officer (AdCom). This structured feedback from a former Admissions Officer mimics a real AdCom review and helps to ensure that your application is most compelling to the target audience.

Q – How does SBC’s team-based approach work?
A – SBC’s team caliber, inclusive of former MBA admissions officers (AdCom) from every top program, allows us to deliver inside intel and top quality service, which is why our results and our reputation are so strong. Our AdCom team caliber also allows us to be upfront and transparent with our inquiries, before they engage with us; we know what MBA Admissions values, and our team will only take on clients when we feel we can be successful together.

Our AdCom team oversees candidate questions via our teamwide daily chat, addressing questions and hot topics such as:

  • What is SBC AdCom’s take on whether a client should take a quant class or retake their GRE?
  • How does the SBC AdCom feel about 1 supplemental recommendation letter?
  • What is SBC AdCom hearing about trends by industry: finance vs. tech vs consulting?

Q – What inside information do you offer that will give me the edge? Will hiring SBC give me an advantage over working with my friend who is an MBA grad?
A – SBC’s reach, contacts, and connections converge to benefit our clients. We know what’s going on, and we know it first.  We have former Admissions Officers (AdCom) from every top MBA program who are informing us of the current internal program priorities. We have tremendous insight as to what is currently keeping the AdCom up at night and what values they are looking for from their current students. We have solid relationships with schools, media, Deans, admissions officers, professors, major media outlets  and of course, thousands of students and alumni. We tap into up-to-the-minute insights: such as, “Columbia is filling up – get your application in NOW.”

Q – What types of clients do you work with? How do you match with the Primary Consultant?
A – The SBC client pool mirrors the diversity of the MBA student landscape. We work with consultants and financial professionals but we also work with doctors, teachers, military, entrepreneurs, athletes and rock stars. Our clients are worldwide and reflect every background imaginable.

SBC limits the number of clients for each consultant and engages with clients only after our team evaluates and validates candidacy strength.  SBC first takes the time to understand the nuances of a profile before Primary Consultant matching. SBC’s matchmaking process includes criteria such as track record with target schools, alignment of demographic, ethnicity, nationality with consultant’s expertise, and consultant proficiency with industry category. Consultant level of interest and belief in the client is also closely monitored and honored. This concierge matching allows SBC to activate the right fit consultant and ensure a mutually enthusiastic relationship.

Q – How does SBC support diversity and inclusion?
A – SBC is the only large, exclusively-focused MBA consulting firm that is led by a female. 10% of SBC’s consultant pool is either Hispanic or Black, 25% of its consultant panel is of minority background, and SBC has five consultants who identify as and specialize in LGBTQ+ candidacies. This reflects the company’s mission to further diversity in the MBA applicant pool.

No other established MBA admissions firm has a team that is as diverse. SBC recently launched national partnerships with two leading nonprofit organizations serving first-generation college students, people of color, and students from lower-income backgrounds.

Q- Where can I learn more about MBA admissions consulting?
A-  Check out our overview of the value of an MBA admissions partner.

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