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Ashley Johnson, Four admits, recipient of multiple scholarships
Stacy Blackman Consulting client + Forte MBALaunch Alum

GPA: 3.9 Undergrad: Liberal arts college in the Northeast
GMAT : 710
Work experience: A multi-national financial services corporation based in Boston
Years since undergrad: 3 years upon application
Extracurricular snapshot: Mentee to high school student, volunteer at public market

Results: Four admits to top MBA programs with 2 significant scholarship awards, covering 67% and 100% of tuition

Overview of Ashley’s engagement with SBC
SBC Consultant: Caryn, former admissions officer

Focus of engagement
1) Define the industry in which the applicant is competing; identify industry strengths and vulnerabilities.
Ashley works in a consulting position in financial services, which is an oversubscribed applicant pool for MBA programs. Finance candidates are known by MBA Admissions officers to have limited leadership opportunities in their professional realm (and long work hours).  Caryn determined that Ashley was competing against the bulge bracket, front-office investment bankers and possibly even the consultants from the elite management consulting firms.

2) Identify the ways candidate is unusual relative to the industry applicant pool.
Ashley is a Caucasian, US Citizen who interestingly had a lifelong interest in Asia.  She traveled to Asia as a child, did an exchange program during high school, and even extended her interest to her college coursework through a summer immersion program. This is unusual for a traditional, US-based applicant.

3) Highlight the differentiating treasures throughout every application element.
Caryn ensured Ashley’s MBA application strategy was built around her international exposure and patterns of interest in Asian culture and travel.  Career goals incorporated this strategy as well, resulting in a cohesive MBA application positioning.

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