SBC’s test prep leader was recently asked for advice on best ways to prep for the GRE. We offer 1:1 virtual GRE prep for candidates who have taken a practice GRE. Here’s her advice on practice materials and best practice tests:

Best book study resources: Manhattan Prep Strategy guides

Best online self guided: Target Test Prep

Best set of practice problems to work on as you are learning the content: Manhattan 5lb book

Best problems for timed sets once all the content areas have been mastered: Official Guide and then the Quant/Verbal Practice Questions books

Best Practice Tests: PowerPrep (save these until you are into the swing of things and have learned the content, gotten their pacing and timing under control). Kaplan and Manhattan Practice tests first, as those are ideal to learn on.

Here’s helpful guidance and sample HBS admitted GRE scores in our new GRE percentiles page.

Test retaking, reporting, cancellations and online test options

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Test retaking, reporting, cancellations and online test options

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