Learn more about the benefits of Stacy Blackman’s comprehensive All-In services:

Highly personal service
: When you sign up with Stacy Blackman Consulting, you work with one dedicated, expert consultant. You will have one person, dedicated to you, familiar with your background and heavily invested in your application. This is an exclusive, personalized relationship.

Extensive resources: While Stacy Blackman Consulting provides the intimacy of a one on one relationship, we also provide the resources of a larger company. Consultants draw upon knowledge developed since the company launched in 2001, and an extensive network of current MBAs, alumni and admissions committee contacts. Amongst the data provided exclusively to All-In clients via an extensive online resource center: sample essays, interview transcripts, school overviews and admissions tips.

A proven process: While the service is flexible and adapts to your style and needs, Stacy Blackman Consulting does have a structured process which has proven effective. We have developed effective techniques that increase your chances of success and decrease the anxiety and stress associated with the application process. We have developed an arsenal of exercises and planning tools to help you through difficult patches.

Truly comprehensive, unlimited service: Stacy Blackman Consulting’s services are comprehensive. We do not just help with the essays, but with the entire process. Consultants work with clients to develop a strategy and then to ensure that the pitch is seamlessly communicated across all points of contact with target schools. The service was developed with one goal in mind: to get you in to a top school. Thus, we do not limit the amount of time spent on an application. When you sign up for the comprehensive service, we work with you on all aspects of the process until you decide which school to attend. We will not be watching the clock.

Access and responsiveness: Consultants are completely accessible and amenable to working around your busy life, scheduling appointments in the evening and on weekends. In order to achieve this, we limit the number of clients we take on and every year turn clients away. Stacy Blackman Consulting refuses to be a bottleneck in this process; we are extremely responsive – just ask our clients!

Marketing: After spending several years marketing products and services on and offline, Stacy Blackman knows marketing. She has learned that selling yourself to your top choice business school is very similar to marketing a product in the store. You must understand what the consumer is looking for and effectively appeal to their needs. As such, marketing is a key tool that is utilized in assisting clients.

Marketing was Stacy’s major at Wharton and her major again at the number one marketing program in the world at Kellogg. She has spent a lifetime learning and strengthening her marketing skills and it has been a competitive advantage for years. As one of our clients (admitted to four of four schools) said, “It’s all about how you market yourself to these schools. That’s where the added value comes from your service.”

Dedication to clients: In coaching clients, our consultants have learned to address the challenges that clients face, such as maintaining motivation as you address your areas of weakness and applying while working full-time. We truly want to see you succeed and will go the extra mile for you, whether it is helping you identify volunteer opportunities or a GMAT tutor, or pushing you through extra rounds of essays. We build quality relationships with clients – and this relationship actually extends beyond business school applications. Through our constantly growing network, we have been able to help clients secure summer internships, post MBA jobs and generally network within our community. Stacy Blackman Consulting strives to exceed expectations, and our clients truly feel our dedication.

Refund Policy: If you decide that the Comprehensive Service is not for you, it is okay to change your mind. View our refund policy.


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