CASE STUDY 2: Indian Engineer needing to differentiate

GPA: 3.4
GMAT: 730
Undergrad: University of Delaware
Activities: Tennis, marathons, sporadic involvement with various Indian non-profit organizations
Personal:  Originally from India

Overview:  Our client was born and raised in India, and came to the US to earn his undergraduate degree in Engineering.  He then went to work for a large corporation where he progressed for the next five years.  Although he had solid work experience, and numbers, his demographics placed him in a highly competitive pool, where he really needed to find a way to differentiate.

Result:  Admitted to Columbia, Tuck and MIT

Strategy:  Many Indian applicants pursue engineering careers and their resumes all begin to look the same.  In working with this client we completely removed the focus from the nitty gritty technical details of his every day job, and emphasized his management and leadership experiences, which set him apart from many of his peers.  Specifically, he had spearheaded a non-profit initiative and garnered a great deal of support within his office, ultimately raising significant funds, but also setting the stage for future office initiatives of this kind.  He had also taken on a training role, mentoring new hires and helping to develop the blueprint for a training program.  Neither of these roles were part of his formal job description but they highlighted his leadership abilities and added color to his resume.

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