GPA: 2.7
GMAT: 700
Undergrad: Psychology Major at University of Michigan
Activities: martial arts, side entrepreneurial ventures
Personal:  Caucasian male born and raised in US

Overview:  Our client was fairly solid in many areas ”“ he had deep extra-curricular interests, average but interesting work experience and some very interesting personal stories.  However, he had a below average GPA that could have derailed his entire application.

Result:  Admitted to Columbia and Chicago

Strategy:  Ultimately this client’s story was a personal one that chronicled how he developed and pursued an intense interest in martial arts.  That interest actually took him away from school for two semesters and became a distraction that contributed to a very low GPA.  But it also helped him develop certain characteristics and unique abilities that strengthened his character, and made him a much stronger leader and team player.  In his essays he discussed his renewed commitment to academics and explained how he had developed qualities that would enable him to excel in business school and in the business world.

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