Here is the quick and dirty lowdown on the Stacy Blackman Consulting Comprehensive Services.  If you would like more detail, click here.

We work with clients up front to match you with your primary consultant; we do not take a penny from you until you feel that you have found the right fit.

Once matched, our comprehensive process is divided into three stages: CREATION, AD COMM FLIGHT TESTâ„¢, REFINING.

CREATION: The client works with their primary consultant to develop and execute upon a winning application strategy.  The primary consultant guides and advises on every aspect of the application; emphasis is on creation of a compelling story that will resonate with the admissions committee and help to differentiate the applicant.

AD COMM FLIGHT TESTâ„¢: Once a full set of application materials has been drafted, the application will be sent to a former admissions committee member within the SBC network, who will review the file in full for the very first time, simulating a true admissions committee review.  Instead of an admit/deny decision, the client will receive high level, strategic feedback on important criteria, used by admissions committees at top schools.

REFINING: The primary consultant assists the client in finalizing all aspects of the application file, incorporating any outside feedback that has been received.

Note that during both the CREATION and REFINING stages, the client has several sources of support in addition to the primary consultant:
1. Online resource center containing ten years of sample essays, interview transcripts, admissions tips and more.
2. Access to client liaison who can answer questions and serve as a fresh set of eyes.
3. Extended team of consultants can answer any and all questions, and has deep school specific expertise.  Your primary consultant will help you manage these interactions.

Want to study the process in more detail?  Click here.

If you feel you would benefit from this level of expertise and support, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation.


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