There are a few tried-and-true tools that will carry over from the old GMAT including prep materials and practice test recommendations here.

GMAT Focus Edition Prep Materials

  1. The official GMAT Prep (Focus) practice tests. Six full tests are now available — two free, and four more well worth the purchase price. Furthermore, for the GMAT Focus, the one allowed reset of each paid practice exam (practice tests 3-6) WILL NOT show repeat questions. This means that if you buy all of them you have essentially ten full practice exams to attempt.
  2. The 2023-2024 GMAT Official Guide and its quant, verbal, and data insights supplements. The 2023-2024 editions are specifically for the GMAT Focus. They’re also available on Amazon.
  3. GMAT Club is still the best online community for test-takers. Its forums are free, active, and full of stellar content, along with good search tools to sift through it all.
  4. Stacy Blackman’s own GMAT Cheat Sheet. This needs some light updating for the GMAT Focus — mostly to remove geometry and data sufficiency content that is no longer part of the math section. We’re working on that. But even in its current form, the first six pages are totally relevant and very worthwhile as a review tool/checklist for GMAT Focus math. Note that we provide this free to students who sign up for tutoring.
  5. Kuta Software has a lot of worksheets that I like for building foundational algebra skills, if that’s something the student needs.
  6. Khan Academy has good textbook content on those same fundamental math skills.
  7. Pre-recorded courses by Magoosh and Target Test Prep are solid options.
  8. Live courses by Manhattan PrepSherpa Prep, Magoosh, Target Test Prep, and others can be useful as well.
  9. My latest appearance on Stacy Blackman’s own B-Schooled podcast. Chandler and I discussed a couple of critical reasoning questions involving a particular fallacy commonly tested on the GMAT (and GMAT Focus). If it gets a good response, we’ll do more, and I hope they will be useful resources for students.
  10. Of course SBC’s 1:1 tutoring is the most efficient way to raise a test score. To request a free fit call with Anthony, email:  testprep@stacyblackman.com

Anthony, SBC’s Director of Test Prep, shared, “what you need really depends on your level. For the average self-study student who is just starting out, I’d suggest taking a practice test, digging into the Official Guide, and heading to GMAT Club, probably in that order.”

Our latest intel on test prep for the GMAT Focus Edition here:

To request a free fit call for 1:1 test prep, email:  testprep@stacyblackman.com


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