MBA Admissions Consultant- Usage Rates

Use of an MBA Admissions Consultant is common among applicants. Among Survey respondents, 52% reported engaging with an MBA application consultant.

MBA Admissions Consultant Usage
MBA Admissions Consultant Use






The use of a MBA Admissions Consulting firm is higher — at 72%– among applicants to top 10 business schools in the US. Applicants invest more resources for the highly competitive programs that are stronger brands.

MBA Admissions Consultants for Top 10 Business Programs
Most Applicants use MBA Admissions Consultants for Top 10 Business Programs






MBA Admissions Consultant Value- is it worth it?

Respondents shared outcomes from MBA Admissions Consulting engagement ranging from increased odds to admits to optimizing chances for scholarship. Resulting impacts are summarized below.

MBA Admissions Consultants- Value and Worth

MBA Admissions Consultant Tips

“The entire application is reviewed by HBS Admissions including short responses on work experience entries, extracurricular involvement and awards, resume, essay. A holistic and thorough approach is key.  So many applications have acceptable credentials up to that point of the application and it is the essay that sets the overall application apart and earns it the interview,” shared a former Admissions Officer on the Stacy Blackman Consulting team.  “How you will play in the sandbox that is the HBS classroom can be directed by an MBA admissions consulting partner to ensure your best self is presented. It is less about what you say and the overall tone of how you say it and how you generally come across in the application.”  

Scholarship is the most direct evidence of return on investment (ROI) of admissions consulting partnerships. “Fierce competition for these fellowship and scholarship dollars means you’ll benefit greatly from having the time to build a strong pitch for why you deserve a coveted spot in the program.That pitch needs to be clear and compelling enough that is met with both admit outcome and scholarship generosity, which is the gold standard that we seek for many our clients, ” shared Stacy Blackman.

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