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Stern Program Overview
As their literature states, New York University puts its Stern School of Business students in the heart of the world’s top financial centers, wedged between Midtown and Wall Street. Unlike most campuses, NYU blends into its environment, making it hard to tell where the school ends and New York City begins. NYU boasts a diverse program, with full-time and part-time offerings for working professionals as well as a Ph.D. program and even an undergraduate major.

Students have the opportunity to learn from experts, studying with professors who are regularly quoted in The Wall Street Journal. Case studies become real-world experiences when students can examine an issue and then visit that business some mere blocks away. NYU Stern is committed to providing a top-tier business education in the heart of the most diverse, vibrant business center in North America and its central location allows both full-time and part-time students to draw heavily from the city’s resources.

Stern’s culture reflects the diversity and intensity of both its environment and the study body. Among the recently admitted class, you’ll find an Emmy Award winner for ESPN’s SportsCenter, a professional soccer player, and a student who flew UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. This amazing group of cohorts gains unparalleled access to the businesses and financial centers which make the city run.

The NYU Stern School of Business ranks #10 in the US News & World Report’s Best Business Schools in 2023-2024.

NYU Stern Class of 2024 Key Statistics
Applicants: 3,553
Admits: 962
Admission Rate: 27%
Enrolled Full-Time MBA Students: 324 Students
Average GMAT Score: 733
Average GRE Score Verbal/Quant: 162/163
Students Who Submitted Only GRE Score: 21.3%
GPA Average: 3.62
Average Age: 28
Average Work Experience: 5 years
Rolling Admissions: No
Women: 45%
International Students: 44%
Minorities: 47%
Underrepresented Minorities: 21%
US Military Veterans/Active Duty: 11%
LGBTQ+: 9%

Stern Important Dates
Round 1 Deadline: September 18, 2023
Round 2 Deadline: October 18, 2023
Round 3 Deadline: January 18, 2024
Round 4 Deadline: April 18, 2024


(323) 934-3936

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