The Sloan School of Management at MIT

The MIT Sloan acceptance rate is just 14.6%. Learn more about this highly-coveted program here.

The Sloan School of Management at MIT aims “to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice.” Administrators seek to accomplish this by offering cutting-edge classes and services, recruiting acclaimed faculty and fostering collaborative and educational efforts that involve students, alumni and business partners.

Drawing from the MIT culture at large, Sloan is a highly academic school that prides itself on parlaying theory into practical application. Sloan is a school for those who enjoy strong academics integrated with a hands-on experience. Being among MIT’s world-renowned science and engineering programs helps to bolster the intellectual culture of the school.

The rigorous coursework depends largely on a case-method approach mixed with lectures and team projects. Many students find the first year’s “core” semester to be the most challenging. Despite (or because of) the intensity of the program, students find plenty of opportunities to socialize and bond outside of class. The school hosts weekly functions with various themes to encourage mixing and relationship building.

MIT’s hands-on approach is the perfect environment for creating revolutionary inventions, which is what the Entrepreneurship Center encourages. The Center helps students define and develop their ideas, and holds a $100K competition each year for the best new business plan.

We asked the former MIT admissions officer on the Stacy Blackman Consulting team to profile what MIT Sloan seeks:

MIT Sloan seeks applicants who can navigate problems of progressive complexity, ability to adapt to ambiguous situations, independence of thought, humility and consideration for others. MIT Sloan looks for the exceptional in arenas such as academic, professional, civic, good citizens, great attitudes. I always sensed a special something, a spark, in the candidates I recommended for admission that set them apart: it’s a sense of self not everyone has.

The MIT Sloan School of Management ranked #4 in US News & World Report‘s 2023-2024 Best Business Schools ranking.

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Admissions Stats

Here is a snapshot of how MIT Sloan differs from Haas.

Class of 2024 Admission Stats MIT Sloan Berkeley
Average GMAT 730 729
GMAT Range* 690-760 700-760
Average GPA 3.62 3.64
Selectivity* 15% 19%
Yield* 52% 40%
Enrollment Stats MIT Sloan Berkeley
Class of 2024 MBA Enrollment 408 247
Women 46% 46%
International 40% 41%
Underrepresented Minority* 32% 17%
*Estimated, as a percentage of US citizens and permanent residents.  Visit for the full class profile.

MIT Sloan deadlines

Application Essays, Tips & Candidate Evaluation 

MIT Sloan currently requires all applicants to submit a cover letter, organizational chart, and video essay with their application. The MIT Sloan cover letter format has been used for many years to select candidates. In some ways, this structure reflects MIT Sloan’s goal to admit candidates with practical (though innovative) ideas and experience. Also, the cover letter is a way to describe your key accomplishments and use them to prove that you embody the outlined criteria for admission. Those criteria are: independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers.

For the short video in which the applicant is asked to introduce him or herself, the areas evaluated include presence, passions, and interests. The former Sloan admissions official who now consults with MBA candidates for the Stacy Blackman Consulting team advises, “The video should give MIT Sloan Admissions a clear picture of who they are as a person, their personality, personal presence, and what really makes them tick. MIT Sloan Admissions is asking themselves: Is this person ready to be put in front of recruiters? Will they represent the brand well? Is this someone we want on our teams? Be your best self, bring some energy to it, show your enthusiasm.”

MIT Sloan has a traditional interview but it is very behavioral, with questions that may include how to deal with conflict, how to challenge management, how to become a leader in tough circumstances etc.  All who are invited for an interview by MIT Sloan are required to submit two additional essays 24 hours prior to their scheduled interview.

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Sample MIT Sloan Cover Letters 

Winning essays from our successful admits are new on the SBC site and can be found here:

Sample MIT Sloan cover letters

More MIT Sloan Application Tips

MIT Sloan vs. Berkeley Haas are on opposite sides of the country. Yet, there are similarities between MIT and Haas that we evaluate here, along with admissions insights.

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MIT Sloan Class of 2024 Key Statistics
Applicants: 5,349
Entering Full-Time MBA Students: 408
Median GMAT: 730
GRE Quant Range (Middle 80%): 158-169
GRE Verbal Range (Middle 80%): 157-168
Average GPA: 3.62
Average Age: 27
Average Work Experience: 5 years
Rolling Admissions: No
Women: 46%
International Students: 40%
Countries Represented: 63
Underrepresented Minority: 32%

Sloan Important Dates
Round 1 Deadline: September 27, 2023
Round 2 Deadline: January 17, 2024
Round 3 Deadline: April 8, 2024


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