MIT Sloan MBA Cover Letter Samples

MIT Sloan currently requires all applicants to submit a cover letter, org chart, and video essay with their application. The MIT Sloan cover letter format has been used for many years to select candidates. In some ways, this structure reflects MIT Sloan’s goal to admit candidates with practical (though innovative) ideas and experience. Also, the cover letter is a way to describe your key accomplishments and use them to prove that you embody the outlined criteria for admission. Those criteria are: independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers.

Successful Examples of MIT MBA Cover Letters

SBC has a former MIT Sloan Admissions Officer and several additional MIT Sloan experts on our team. We know the nuances of applying to MIT Sloan successfully.

Here’s a snapshot of the caliber of expertise on our SBC team.

Cover Letter Sample 1

Mr. XXX & Ms. YYY

Assistant Deans of Admissions

MIT Sloan School of Management

50 Memorial Drive

Cambridge, MA 02142

Dear Mr. XXX and Ms. YYY:

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for MIT Sloan’s MBA Class of XXXX. After working in education with XXX and spending three years in legal business development at an international law firm, I am excited to share my experiences and perspectives and contribute meaningfully to the Sloan community.

Studying biology taught me that the world is a laboratory and that I can apply the scientific method to unconventional challenges in business. My firm recently implemented new software to integrate several existing databases to improve our experience management and is currently beginning a multi-year integration. I made a case to my department’s director to be a pilot user and was invited to join a multi-department and cross-office team to develop an implementation plan. My analytical background helped me identify bugs and propose solutions, while my business development experience allowed me to connect technical features to practical implications. After negotiating with key stakeholders, I am now working to implement an automated pitch generation tool that has the potential to fundamentally change how our business development office functions and will help us adapt to the rapidly evolving legal market. This experience and other collaborative projects at my firm have helped develop my business and management skills, and I am eager to develop them further at Sloan and apply them to the education sector to help make quality education more accessible. At Sloan, I am interested in exploring the intersection of education, finance and policy through research in the Golub Center for Finance and Policy. Through classes such as the A-LAB or G-LAB action learning courses, I could apply that research to real-world problems while strengthening my analytical and entrepreneurial skillset.

I look forward to sharing my talents and experiences with the Sloan community, and thank you for your consideration.


Cover Letter Sample 2- LGO


[Address Line 1]

[Address Line 2]


Dr. XXX, Executive Director

MIT Leaders for Global Management

1 Amherst St., E40-315

Cambridge, MA 02142

Dear Dr. XXX,

At age eight, I tried building the fastest Pinewood Derby-Car by installing a model rocket engine on the car-body. After breaking our neighbor’s window during testing, I learned three lessons about problem solving and life—don’t think like others, it’s okay to fail and integrity matters (I owned up). In the two decades since, I’ve grown and leaned on these values to succeed in leadership roles across in the Army.

I recently applied this mentality leading an Army program innovating human performance training. With an ambiguous goal of improving performance under pressure, I focused my team of leaders on restructuring cognitive, physical and social development. First, I implemented new behavioral assessments to build leader self-awareness and a new goal setting model to focus soldiers. From there, I integrated a cognitive psychologist and bio-sensors into operations—physical training, weapons proficiency and maneuver under stress. Finally, I incorporated augmented reality and a sensor-enabled drone into operational planning. I initially struggled tracking and presenting data, but quickly adjusted to highlight the potential of bio-sensors and augmented-reality. After four months, our weapons sections—a critical Company asset—certified as #1 of 16 in combat certifications and the concept was selected by strategic leaders for assessment in the 2020 Army Warfare Experiment.

I’ve always been asked why I became an Infantry Officer after excelling in electrical engineering; the Cyber branch of the Army seems more natural. My desire to join the LGO community is rooted in this Infantry/EE dichotomy—I always appreciated both the people-centric challenge of leadership and the technical underpinnings that drive our digital world. At LGO, I will grow in both domains and focus on how bio-sensors and augmented reality shape the human-machine interaction. While I may never design another rocket car, I bring this curiosity to LGO and throughout life.


Cover Letter Sample 3

Dear Mr. XXX,

As the daughter of a boutique owner, I grew up in retail, which sparked my passion for the industry and inspired my career. While working at Boston-based [company] and in my current role as a management consultant, I have gained extensive knowledge of the retail industry while also bolstering my analytical, leadership and teamwork skills. At [firm], I led a team of executive clients and 5 peer level consultants to establish a cost management function within a fortune 500 retailer. We trained 30 clients in strategic negotiation and supplier management while implementing new processes. This effort resulted in a new department that drives 4-7% margin improvements quarterly. I have also sought opportunities beyond my everyday engagements. I am the most junior member of a team developing perspectives on “next generation retail”. We’ve published our initial findings and are working to commercialize creative approaches that enable customer experiences in stores. Additionally, I have led several community building initiatives including undergraduate recruiting, learning and development for summer interns, and our Women’s Network mentorship program.

Beyond my technical passion for leading teams and collaborating to find innovative solutions, I care deeply about connecting with people. I am the person who puts their phone down to chat with everyone from the Starbucks barista to my Uber driver because every interaction provides a learning that enhances my comprehension of people, the world and how I will change it for the better.

At Sloan, I want to continue my leadership development, invigorate my entrepreneurialism and connect with driven classmates. I am confident that the Sloan experience will allow me to achieve my long-term goal of launching a company at the intersection of retail and sustainability, and I would be honored to bring my passion and skills to the MIT community.

Thank you for your consideration.

Cover Letter Sample 4

Dear Mr. XXX,

I am extremely interested in applying for admission to MIT Sloan’s MBA Program, intending to start during Fall 2017. I believe that my solid professional experience, including a consistent track record of high performance, coupled with the desire to immerse myself in a community of learning, collaboration and professional development make me a great fit for the program.

As a Technology Consultant, I have been in a project in Central America for almost two years. The original proposal was to only be there for three months, in a mostly traditional Analyst role where I would be doing support work for the more experienced practitioners. However, I seized the unlikeliest of opportunities: I teamed up with two other Analysts who also had no experience with the Warehouse Management tool that was being implemented and together learned everything we could about it. After a few weeks, we developed a working model and presented it to both the local business and global headquarters. The prototype was so successful that we were tasked with configuring the full-scale solution that was eventually rolled out, to great success, in four Central American countries and will be used as a template for future global implementations.

I believe this experience highlights the key traits that MIT Sloan looks for in applicants, including innovativeness, drive, teamwork, and impact. I consider that not only will I greatly benefit from everything the program has to offer, but I can collaborate for the betterment of the Sloan community.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, XXX

Cover Letter Sample 5

Dear Mr. XXX,

I’m an optimistic realist with a passion for fixing things. In my first year as an engineer in [XX] Leadership Development Rotational Program, I co-developed a method for eliminating material misprocessing within our factories. My colleague and I designed [XX]’s Linux-Operated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Kit, which offers the accuracy of industry OCR systems at five percent of the cost.

I’m honored to be the first [XX] engineer to win two Engineering Innovation Convention awards within the same year. I’m currently in Germany, leading the development of a new barcode reader that will save TI $360,000. This fall, I’ll lead a company-wide initiative focused on improving efficiency across all of our manufacturing sites.

As an engineer, I’m naturally curious, and learning from others is one of my favorite parts of my job. For many of my coworkers, I’m the first out LGBTQ+ individual that they’ve known. Through openness and mutual respect, I’ve led teams – consisting of mostly middle-aged men from Texas – in several successful projects, resulting in an early promotion. When I return to Dallas, I’ll assume a supervisory role in which I’ll manage 35 engineering technicians.

I want to generate solutions to environmental problems. At Sloan, I’ll pursue the Sustainability Certificate to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental and social impacts of industry. Additionally, I look forward to developing further as an innovator through offerings such as the Sloan Innovation Period and hands-on Action Learning Labs. When I attended an AMA event during my visit, I was moved by the humility and curiosity of the student body. Sloan’s values, commitment to innovation, and focus on experiential learning make me confident that it’s the school for me. I appreciate your consideration, and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, YYY

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