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As we know, a traditional two year MBA program is a big investment of both time and money. For many people it can also mean uprooting a family, selling or renting out a home and other major lifestyle changes. While this is all worthwhile for many people who want that two year break, it is inconvenient or just not possible for others.

Fortunately, there are many smaller, local MBA programs that are a perfect match for those who want to earn their MBA without uprooting their (or their family’s) life. One site, All Business Schools, can help MBA applicants find programs near them. All Business School’s “find” page, makes it easy to narrow down your search for a local business school by location.

It’s a really efficient way to search for programs. If you are contemplating an MBA, and want to conveniently explore different programs, check out this website. You can learn more about programs on the site and then request to receive information directly from the school of your choice. Happy searching!

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