Tuesday Tips: Oxford MBA Application Essay Tips for 2023-2024

Oxford MBA application

Are you currently working on your Oxford MBA application? The highly ranked one-year Saïd at Oxford MBA program exposes students to an international, diverse network at a world-class institution. For that reason, Oxford seeks engaged students and mature leaders with extensive work experience.

In addition to attending virtual information sessions and visiting the school, a great way to learn about the Oxford MBA is by reading student blogs. You’ll notice that there is a strong culture of improving the world. In fact, this emphasis on making the world a better place comes through clearly in this set of Oxford MBA application essays. Conveying your deeper purpose is a core motivator for a successful applicant.

Above all, Oxford states, “the admissions committee will be looking for evidence of the following: good communication skills, leadership potential, analytical skills, fit with the Oxford MBA community.”

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The Oxford MBA Application

Supporting Statement: Tell us something that is not covered in your application which you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you. (Maximum 250 words)

This Oxford MBA application essay is open-ended. Therefore, it allows you to cover almost any topic that you think needs more clarification. Perhaps you want to describe something about your personal background. On the other hand, you might want to describe a leadership role in a volunteer role.

In addition, it’s possible to use this essay to further emphasize your career goals.  Consider sharing information about your international experience if applicable. Oxford is looking for maturity, leadership, and diversity in applicants. Accordingly, this essay is an opportunity to show these qualities.

Once you have chosen a topic for this Oxford MBA application essay, you will want to explain yourself clearly. With only 250 words, you should make sure to use precise language and examples. Specific examples will help the admissions committee understand you better. For example, you might describe a volunteer accomplishment. To do so, describe who was there, what you accomplished, and how you felt about it.

If you are applying under the Oxford 1+1 MBA scheme, you also need to submit the following essay:

Explain why you see this as particularly beneficial for you and how it fits with your career and personal development aims. (Maximum 250 words)

The Oxford 1+1 MBA provides a unique experience. You can study business for one year and spend the other year studying topics from African Studies to Water Science, Policy, and Management.

Oxford MBA application

Successful applicants will show why they have a good reason to study both. Consider your career goals and how a well-rounded course may help you. In addition, focus on long-term goals and consider how deep knowledge in a master’s topic could provide perspective.

This Oxford MBA application essay is asking “Why 1+1,” and you will need a clear answer. Therefore, extensive program research will help you answer the question thoroughly. To conduct your research, consider contacting current or former students, as well as alumni or faculty. Make sure you have well-researched questions to ask of them and focus on your interests and goals.

Re-applicants will need to submit an additional essay as below:

What improvements have you made in your candidacy since you last applied to the Oxford MBA? (Maximum 250 words)

It’s easy to answer questions like this one when you have improved scores. However, even if your improvements are less tangible, this essay allows you to express them.

First, consider what you have learned since you last applied. Second, think about any advancements at work. Third, review your outside activities for any leadership experiences. Once you have reviewed the recent developments, describe them briefly in this essay. Finally, make sure to explain why you are a stronger candidate.

To learn more about the Oxford MBA application process, visit the Oxford Saïd website.


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