A Glimpse Inside the Case Method Approach at UVA’s MBA Program

If you’re a UVA MBA applicant who’s just emerging from yesterday’s tryptophan-induced coma, sit back, relax and take a gander at these videos designed to help you learn more about the case method experience at Darden.

Students are exposed to over 500 cases in a variety of industries and functions during their time at the UVA MBA program. If you are able to visit a Darden class, you’ll see that students do most of the talking. But if you can’t visit, watching these highlights of a case study class is the next best thing.

Here, a Global Economies and Markets class taught by professor Peter Rodriguez

This video shows how Darden teaches the First Year MBA Accounting course using the case method of instruction.

And finally, here’s a candidate from the UVA MBA for Executives Class of 2012 explaining why he values the case method approach.

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