Admissions Tips From IMD

Lisa Piguet, associate director of MBA admissions and marketing at IMD, provides some advice on the IMD MBA admissions process which will be helpful to anyone preparing for one of the upcoming admissions deadlines.

Here are the top tips to take away from this video:

  • IMD is very achievement-oriented; really think about your achievements when writing your application.
  • Business orientation is key at IMD. If your professional background is not typically associated with business, such as engineering, bring out as much business as you can when writing your application.
  • IMD wants to see demonstrated leadership within your file, whether it’s direct or indirect, or even outside of work.
  • AdCom wants to get to know you as a person, too. What are your hobbies and interests, etc., that make you stand out?
  • Letters of recommendation should come from supervisors, managers–people for whom you’ve actually worked. IMD wants to assess business acumen and potential–recommenders should be able to speak to that.

If you’re still nor sure whether IMD is a good fit for you, the program offers a free mini application called assess your chances, which is analyzed by one of IMD’s admissions committee members. It takes about three weeks to get the results back, but they should provide a clear sense of your general fit with the IMD MBA program.

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