Advice to Reapplicants from Chicago Booth’s Martinelli

rosePicOn Monday, we highlighted Rose Martinelli‘s entry on the importance of self-reflection in the admissions process. As associate dean for student recruitment and admissions at Chicago Booth School of Business, Martinelli’s great blog, The Rose Report, offers tons of useful nuggets for applicants.

In the latest post, she answers some questions that have come in related to the reapplication process. If you’re serious about reapplying to Chicago Booth, Martinelli suggests that you analyze how well you presented yourself in your original application to identify if there are any areas that you can improve upon this year.

The entire application process can be a huge learning experience in and of itself; Martinelli recommends applicants ponder whether there are things they would do differently now based on knowing the process and themselves better this time around. For instance, can you strengthen any aspects of your academic foundation, career trajectory or community involvement?

Finally, Martinelli warns against recycling old essays or presentations. Chicago Booth does include your previous application in your file, so whatever you submit should demonstrate a fresh approach and show how you’ve grown academically and/or professionally.

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