Airing Tonight: The Money Chase, an HBS Documentary

Do you know what a “chip shot” is? What about a “cold call”? Well, get ready, because tonight CNBC goes behind the ivy-covered walls to decode these mysteries and many more in the tell-all of the century known as “The Money Chase: Inside Harvard Business School”, airing at 10 p.m. EST. The hour-long feature, hosted by “Squawk Box” co-anchor Carl Quintanilla, will offer a look inside the “West Point of capitalism” as the school commemorates its centennial.

What can viewers expect to learn when they sneak a peak inside HBS? The television special focuses on:

  • The Stress

Scared and stress-out students describe their eager but apprehensive feelings during the first year. Its a sentiment shared by  alumni all over the world including some of our nation’s most successful business leaders.

  • Harvard Speak

First year students face high expectations, a relentless workload and a competitive pressure. On top of that, there’s a new culture to adopt…with it’s own vocabulary.

  • Managing the Future

The classes of 2009 and 2010 are facing the toughest business environment since the Great Depression. What does the future hold for the graduates?

Of course, no commemorative package would be complete without the requisite superstar alumni, which include eBay founder Meg Whitman; Michael Lynton, Sony Pictures CEO; and Jeff Immelt, CEO of CNBC parent company General Electric, to name a few. As a companion to the television special, CNBC also has created a corresponding website with additional web-only features, including slideshows, polls and spinoff stories.

Check your local listings for more accurate time and channel information, and come back tomorrow to let us know how you’d grade this TV special.

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