Are You Applying for B-School in Round 2?

Today is the Round 2 deadline at several top programs—Wharton School, Michigan RossDuke-Fuqua, Georgetown McDonough, London Business School—with several more in the coming week, and we want to congratulate all MBA hopefuls who, despite the distraction of the holidays and end-of-year festivities, have managed to organize their time and efforts to get their applications in during this highly competitive round.

Whether you found yourself rushing for Round 2, or haven’t quite gotten your application together and are wondering whether Round 3 attracts only mavericks and super-humans, keep in mind that only you know when the time to apply is right. However, if you’re aiming at a highly competitive program, we advise you to hit submit only once you’ve put together your absolute best, strongest application package.

There is still work to be done as you begin preparing for your MBA interviews and, if you haven’t already, planning your campus visits to coincide with your interview. But first, take a few moments to relax, recharge, and bask in the glow of the major accomplishment you’ve just achieved. The journey to business school is often arduous, but with any luck your considerable efforts will soon be rewarded.


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