B-School Buzz: Beginnings and Endings

This week, our featured B-School Buzz bloggers face the beginnings and endings of key moments in their business school experience. Whether it’s fleshing out a compelling answer to an essay question or embarking on life after B-school, each is reveling in a moment of peace and satisfaction…for the time being, at least!

What to do when an essay question haunts youUnfathomable is finally ready to tackle Stanford GSB’s hallmark essay prompt, “What matters most to you and why?”. Developing the answer into an essay theme and weaving a story around it was daunting, he says, but trying and then rejecting various ideas eventually lead back to his original idea from almost 20 months ago. Lesson learned: always follow your heart, because sooner or later it will take you in the right direction.

Most important lesson learned at HBSMilitary to Business will graduate from Harvard Business School in just two weeks, and he’s already begun to miss those hallowed halls of learning. Where else can you encounter dozens of fascinating people every day, absorb the wisdom of world-class professors, and then play sports together in the afternoon and hang out at night? Follow the link above to read his take on the most valuable aspects of an HBS education.

A chapter ends today — Although he won’t be traveling the globe like some of his peers headed to Cornell’s Johnson School in the fall, Ellipsing My Way…to Business School shares the news that as of today, he is leaving his job of the past two-plus years for a summer gig with a substantial pay bump. “Given the hit that my bank account has taken over the year, I can now breathe a little easier knowing that I can enter school with some money in my savings account,” says Ellipser.

Advice for future MBA bloggers — For those on the fence about starting an MBA blog during the application process, Random Wok’s Mark Wong says, do it! In this post, he shares three key things he learned from writing from the MBA applicant’s point of view: blog about both the good times and the bad; work to help others; and don’t make profit a priority. “If you use your blog to find your voice and speak your mind, I promise you that you won’t feel alone while taking on one of the biggest challenges of your life,” Mark says.

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