B-School Buzz: Good News…You’re In! Now, How Will You Pay for It?

This week has been a busy one for our B-School Buzz bloggers, as they’ve been struggling to commit to their GMAT prep, indulging in some MBA-related reading, and learning about the fates of their applications.

Some much deserved great news — After suffering from post-ding depression earlier this month and hanging by a thread last week when he was waitlisted by Wharton, Mark of Random Wok finally has something to celebrate: acceptance to UCLA Anderson School of Management! Hurray! The news is all the more poignant after learning how far he’s come from the health crisis Mark experienced two years ago. Many congrats on the acceptance and best wishes to you no matter which MBA road you eventually travel.

Show me the money — The good news is, you’re accepted to your target B-school! Now the question is, how are you going to pay for it? This is a conundrum facing many applicants right about now, and Ellipsing My Way…to Business School is no exception. No matter how shocking it may be to see a loan award notification letter for Cornell’s Johnson School with as many zeros as someone’s annual salary, Ellipsing… knows there’s scholarship money out there to be had and he’s determined to tap into it.

The going gets tougher — Over on the GMAT Prep Blog, Chitra has discovered that the old axiom, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” isn’t exactly working in his situation. GMAT prep requires real commitment every day–something Chitra hasn’t been able to do yet over the past month. Time to start planning and stop procrastinating! Changing your exam date might be a prudent move…so long as it doesn’t enable you to continue putting the hard work on hold.

Leave that title on the shelf — Quiet since receiving a ding from Chicago Booth School of Business a few weeks ago, My Quest for Life!!! checks back into the blogosphere with a book review of Shiva Prakash’s “Great Indian MBA Dream.” While acknowledging that the topic is great and very relevant to Indian MBA aspirants, the book fails to live up to the expectations. In fact, My Quest… goes so far as to say “My thermodynamics course book in engineering college was much better.” Ouch!

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