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It’s been another busy week for our B-School Buzz bloggers, who have been consumed by their GMAT prep, meditating on the keys to success, and gearing up for what lies just around the corner.

Ruminations on happiness and success — In a post titled True Calling, KT ponders why it is that a miniscule percentage of the world’s population outshines everyone else. He breaks it down into three reasons: successful and happy people are doing what they love to; doing what they believe is important;  and nurturing their outside interests while doing so.  Has KT hit upon the recipe for finding his true calling?

GMAT studies gaining momentum — During a recent GMAT study session, Sanket observed a very strange pattern each time he got a wrong answer on the sentence correction practice questions. After discarding three options and narrowing the choices down to a final two, his ultimate selection was always incorrect. Could he be over-thinking his answers? Ignoring a gut feeling? Sanket’s search for a pattern continues as he turns his focus to reading comprehension and critical reasoning questions.

The globetrotter’s “bucket list”Carl Incognito posts a travel wish list that includes vacation spots on five continents (sorry Australia!), to be visited over the next seven to eight years. Whether the motive is being a part of the Olympic or World Cup action, mini trips across North America or volunteering in Africa, Carl is itching to experience the beauty of life around the world.

The end is here — A chapter of Ellipser‘s life came to a close this week, and he says he’s now FUNemployed! Last weekend’s send-off, which included several fellow future-MBAs, had more than 115 friends in attendance.  Between the farewell dinners, weekend trip to Michigan, and packing up his entire life in just two days, we wonder when Richard has time to sleep! We’ll have to stay tuned for Ellipser’s adventures in Ithaca, coming to a blog post near you!

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