B-School Buzz: Waitlist Woes, Inspiration and Congratulations

This week, our B-School Buzz bloggers face the dreaded waitlist, congratulate those accepted at their school of choice, dissect the MBA athletic scene, and find inspiration to keep the faith in their own dreams.

Hanging by a thread — If there’s anyone who needs to read my post from today on the U.S. News “Strictly Business” blog, it’s Mark of Random Wok.  Now waitlisted for Round 2 at Wharton, he’s experiencing the angst many feel as they await their fates in what can be a period of agonizing limbo.  We’ll stay tuned for an update from Mark and wish him the fortitude to carry on as he waits out this last leg of the admissions process.

More admits trickling inEllipsing My Way… to Business School , who learned last month he was accepted at Cornell’s Johnson School, used his blog posts this week to congratulate friends accepted at Columbia, Cornell and Darden. Ellipsing… makes a really great point when he urges the unnamed friend who got into Darden to be considerate and inform the school he doesn’t plan to accept. Let them know sooner rather than later, he advises, so they can offer that admission to someone else.

The world of the MIT LGO athlete — Chris at One in Forty-Eight provides an in-depth explainer of the four pillars of the LGO athletic scene, the most important of which is intramural sports. There is no better way to bond with your classmates and find out their true personalities, he says. Of course, it was all fun and games until a nasty spill during hockey practice left Chris with a broken face and some really nice titanium plates!

Finding hope in guest speakers — Naveen Venkataraman of Rocky’s Journey to a Babson MBA found inspiration this week when Babson MBA Shane Eten, founder of Feed Resource Recovery, visited his operations class to speak about dealing with competition, winning clients and the numerous challenges he faced . It all boils down to sticking with the business through thick and thin, Venkataraman gleaned. The way Eten described the huge challenges he faced and overcame gives me hope about my own dreams, he says.

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