Chicago Booth’s Application Check List

The Round One application deadline–October 14th– is fast approaching at Chicago Booth School of Business.  Since prospective students can always use additional guidance, the Admissions Committee has thoughtfully posted a Top Ten List of things to consider before you submit your application.

1. Make sure your application is the most accurate representation of who you are. Consider whether each piece of the application is as strong as it could be and whether the components of your application present a holistic picture of you.

2. Articulating fit is important. Be sure that you have articulated what value you will gain from the Chicago MBA experience. Ultimately, your application is your business plan for why an MBA makes sense for you at this time in your life and career.

3. Be open-minded about your slide presentation. There is no right or wrong way to show us who you are. Feel free to use pictures, graphs, text, or anything else that you choose. You can submit this presentation in any Microsoft Office format or as a (pdf) file. As long as you don’t use sound or flash, we will see your presentation as you intended.

4. Make sure your recommenders know you well. Your recommenders should be able to offer specific examples of your performance and contributions to the organization. Remember that letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically via our online application system. We will accept additional materials up to a week after the deadline as long as your application and payment have been received by the official deadline.

5. Have someone read your essays. Did they feel your answers really captured the question you were asked? If not, you may want to take additional time to re-work your essay(s).

6. Make sure your GMAT scores have been sent to Booth. This helps us process your application in a timely manner and ensures your application will be complete by the deadline. If you haven’t already, you can have your scores sent to us through

7. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread! Sloppy mistakes are unnecessary and will leave a bad impression with the committee, so don’t let them happen. Be thorough in your review before submitting your application.

8. Do not wait until the absolute last minute to submit your application online. Given the volume of applications we receive, you may experience significant delays or timeouts if you submit at the last minute. Applications should be submitted by 5:00 P.M. Central Time on the day of the deadline.

9. Problems sometimes arise. If you experience technical problems when submitting any of your application materials, just contact us for help. We will work with you to get your application submitted without penalty.

10. Utilize the Online Application System to stay connected. After the application deadline you can log into the online application system for updates or messages about the status of your application.

if you’re curious to learn what’s the benefit to submitting your application early, check out the latest Rose Report blog entry by Rose Martinelli, Associate Dean for Student Recruitment and Admissions.

Best of luck to all who are applying!

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