Columbia Business School Launches New Voices Blog

Columbia CBSOn Thursday, we learned of the online launch of Voices of Columbia Business School, a blog which aims to provide an insider view into the Columbia experience through the eyes of current students.

Written by a mix of MBA and EMBA students and admissions officers, Amanda Carlson, assistant dean of admissions, writes that the goal of this blog is to provide admissions insights, offer any updates about how the process is flowing, and offer reflections on the Columbia Business School student experience.

The blog will also help b-school aspirants learn more about events for prospective students.

In its very first post, Hannah Stern,  Class of 2013 and president of the Hermes Society, shares how her reliance on spreadsheets to analyze which MBA program she should choose faltered when she attempted to quantify “community.”

Flash-forward to her second year at Columbia, and Stern, who calls her classmates brilliant and amazing, says the dynamic at Columbia is unmatched. “You can’t weight the value of community: it is something you feel,” she explains.

If you’re able to visit the campus in person and get a feel for the community yourself, that’s ideal. But for those who cannot, perhaps this blog will be the next best thing. Stern adds, “We hope to give you some insight into the community feeling here at Columbia Business School, because ”” as I realized when I was in your shoes ”” this is one decision you should not make with a spreadsheet!”

Voices is definitely a resource you should bookmark if Columbia Business School is on your radar.

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