GMAT Challenge Question

This week’s GMAT challenge from is a critical reasoning question.

At its simplest, proponents of a longer copyright term argue that the additional potential revenue stream will act as an incentive and encourage the production of additional creative works.

Which of the following, if true, casts most doubt on the conclusion of this argument?

  1. With the advent of the internet infringement of copyright is likely to increase in future.
  2. Consumers benefit from the management of creative works by copyright owners and their agents, which term extension would facilitate further still.
  3. Many copyright creators make decisions using purely ‘rational’ criteria such as how much revenue it will generate for them.
  4. Consumers demand and enjoy copyrighted works as much if not more than works in the public domain.
  5. Additional incentive that would be created by a term extension is miniscule when the value of that extension is brought into present dollars.

Have a go at answering this and then review your answer.

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