Harvard Announces Big Changes to Class of 2015 Application

Harvard Business School is shaking things up with this year’s full-time MBA application, and has already released the essay questions and deadlines.

Today on Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Dee Leopold‘s blog, she announced the school is now thinking of the Class of 2015 application process as three stages:

1. Introduce Yourself

This is the written application. These are the components:

Three letters of recommendation
Transcripts of academic work
GMAT/GRE test scores
2 essay questions:

  • Tell us about something you did well. (400 words)
  • Tell us about something you wish you had done better. (400 words)

2. Tell Us More

This is the interview process. Interviews are:

By invitation only after review of written application
On campus or in TBD hub city locations, or in some cases, Skype
30 minutes
Conducted by members of our Admissions Board

3. Have the Last Word

This is new. AFTER the interview, candidates are asked to do a 400-word written reflection on the interview experience which will be submitted via the online application system within 24 hours of the interview. This is a chance for you to have the “last word,” so to speak.

***Stay tuned to this space for Stacy Blackman’s tips for Harvard Business School’s revamped application essays, coming soon!

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3 Responses to Harvard Announces Big Changes to Class of 2015 Application

  1. Charlotte says:

    Wow, Stacy, seems that HBS have indeed shaken it up! It’s quite challenging to show off with those questions indeed, but I’m looking forward to giving it a shot. Any advice?
    And why do they require your last word? To see what you thought of HBS after the interview? to see how you think and how you have taken the opportunity to learn what you need on HBS?
    I’m surprised!

  2. These essays allow you to focus in on who you are and what you want to say as opposed to feeling the neeed to be very creative with challenging essay questions. The last word – it’s a great way to see how you think – quickly, and get a feel for your personality and style. In a way, they are giving you back more control in the process. But that means you have to step up and perform.

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