How to Decide Between MBA Programs

decide between MBA programs

Are you reading this post based on its headline? If so, you’re likely in a very envious position: you’ve been accepted into more than one MBA program. Congratulations! Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to appreciate how many people wish they were you right now. We hope you understand just how impressive this achievement is, so take some time to celebrate accordingly.

But now you have a tough decision to make. You probably only applied to schools that truly interested you. That means soon it will be time to choose between two or more programs. How should you figure out where to spend eighteen months of your life, plus tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars?

Tips to Help You Decide Between MBA Programs

Step one is to attend each program’s Admit Weekend, if possible. Spending time with current students and other admitted applicants will still go a long way toward helping you decide which program is the better fit. If you can’t join the Admit Weekend for each school, do everything else you can to try at least to speak or do a video chat with recently graduated alumni or current students.

Next, think about where you want to end up geographically after graduation. Is one program in your desired city, or perhaps the same overall region? Does one program have a reputation for helping its students land jobs in the area they want to live?

If location isn’t a concern, focus on what matters most to you: is it recruitment stats for certain industries? Diversity? International opportunities? We know you reviewed all this information as you decided where to apply in the first place. But now it warrants a second, closer look.

Finally, we covered additional factors that can help you decide between MBA programs in episode #39 of our B-Schooled podcast, so take a listen to that. You can also check out our deep-dive school comparisons. These Face-Offs feature input from the current Executive Directors at MBA programs and candid insights from the former MBA Admissions Officers on our SBC team.

But in the end, this may be the best advice of all:

The process of finding, applying for, and sorting out MBA financial aid opportunities can be tedious and confusing. If you have already received the admit to your dream MBA program and would like help with applying for financial aid as a US or international candidate, we are here to help with SBC’s Financial Aid Advisory service. Please email to learn more. 

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