How to Keep on Trucking Even When it Feels Impossible

It’s always amazing how much shorter the day feels when the sun goes down earlier!

And while the days are shorter in my part of the world, your workload is probably getting bigger.  Maybe you’re working full time. You’ve got your extra-curriculars. Not to mention, family, friends and of course, (if you celebrate), what to be for Halloween.

With so much going on, your biggest challenge is going to be finding the time to work on your application.


Chances are, you’re already finding that there’s always something to do that’s MORE IMPORTANT, more pressing, than your application.

So: how do you fit your application in to your overly packed schedule?

Great question!

The truth is, in order to put your best foot forward, you have to make your application a priority.  We protect ourselves from rejection by finding reasons not to really try.  Some people never even finish their application.

But, no one gets an acceptance letter for almost trying. You have to work hard and work well.

Your dreams have to be more important than your excuses.

That sounds good, right? But HOW?

Another great question!

First: Block out 30 minutes a day for your application. Great if you can find more time, but everyone can find 30 extra minutes in their day, from a college senior to a working mom.

Next: Remember, you’re going to stumble. You’re not going to work efficiently and productively every day. But the point is, you’re working every day.

Finally: Make your application a priority. So don’t just make a commitment to work 30 minutes a day, keep the commitment.

Applying to business school is no different than training for a marathon; you’ve got to log the miles to get to the finish line.  There is no better recipe for success than training yourself into success.

Say no to that Halloween party or politely decline the last minute ski trip and hunker down and get to work!

For more on making your application a priority, check out my latest Tuesday Tip Video.  There’s much more to say on how and why to make your application a priority!

Until next time,


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