Interview Invitation Timing

For applicants who are fortunate enough to have received interview invitations, be sure to check out our Invitation Tips.

Of course, many applicants are spending the holiday weekend wondering if they will be receiving interview invitations from HBS and Stanford. Often applicants ask whether WHEN they hear about an interview from these schools says anything about their chances for admissions. The answer is no, but let’s go straight to the source for confirmation.

Derrick Bolton address the topic on the Stanford MBA Blog. “Please be assured,” he writes, “that your likelihood of admission bears no relationship to when you receive your interview invitation; the timing of your invitation simply depends on when we review your file – and there is no pattern to application review.” He says that the Round 1 interview invitations go out from now until mid December every business day even during the Stanford school holiday from Dec 24, 2007 to Jan 1, 2008. They try to send all interview invitations by Jan 11, though some will go out later and some applicants may be asked to join the waitlist without an interview. Finally though, he stresses, “no matter when you receive your invitation to interview, you have the same chance of admission as any other candidate.”

HBS delivers the same message on their frequently asked questions:
“Interview invitations are extended on a rolling basis throughout the course of each application round. The timing of your interview does not imply anything about the status of your application nor does it impact your candidacy. Invitations to interview may be extended up until the notification date and are a positive indicator no matter when you receive them.”

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