Ivey MBA Program Offers Refreshing Take on GMAT Scores

For anyone feeling under the gun because the average GMAT score for those accepted into top business schools hovers above 700, perhaps these words from Chris Asper on the Ivey MBA Recruiting and Admissions Blog will provide some comfort.

As Manager of Recruiting & Admissions at Richard Ivey School of Business, Asper stresses that for his admissions team, the GMAT truly is one criterion, not THE criterion for determining entry into the Ivey MBA program. The most important thing applicants can do is deliver a balanced application, Asper says. This means that if you feel you’re lacking in one area, such as grades or GMAT score, counter-balance those deficiencies with noteworthy efforts at work or in volunteer accomplishments.

The average GMAT score for Ivey MBAs is around 670, so if your score is less than that, Asper advises applicants to highlight their leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

If your work experience is less than the average applicant, be sure to focus on the quality of that experience and the impact you’ve made, he says. Conversely, those who’ve been in the workplace far longer than the average should stress the depth and breadth of that experience, Asper adds.

All parts of the application are important, so while a high GMAT score is certainly the goal, rest assured that Ivey, as well as many other top MBA programs, approach the application holistically and do take all elements into consideration. To learn how one client of mine approached a low GMAT, read this recent SBC Scoop.




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