Kellogg and Chicago Professor Wins Nobel Prize

A recent email to Kellogg alumni announced that Professor Roger Myerson (along with Leonard Hurwicz and Eric Maskin) won the Nobel Prize in Economics. Professor Myerson is currently at the University of Chicago and he taught at Kellogg for 25 years from 1976-2001. This is very exciting news for both schools, particularly Kellogg where he apparently did virtually all of his nobel winning work.

Now why should this matter to applicants? As everyone is caught up in writing essays about why each school is the perfect fit for them there are many references to courses, concentrations, special programs, international opportunities, clubs of interest, etc. Don’t forget the professors! One of the most exciting aspects of business school is your relationship with professors. Typically the professors are extremely accessible and eager to get to know students. Also their research will impact what you are learning in the classroom. Take a look at the websites of your schools of interest and see what the professors are working on. Note in your essays particular professors who could help you explore particular areas of interest and help you reach your career goals. You’ll take your essays to the next level and, more importantly, you’ll be ready to seek out those professors when you arrive at school in the fall.

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