Michigan Ross Reports Record GMAT Scores for Class of 2017

What do a Broadway violinist, a former White House aide, the founders of a single origin Colombian coffee company, and a former member of a boy band in Taiwan have in common? For one, they are all members of the MBA class of 2017 at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

The program is celebrating its most competitive admissions season in a decade in terms of the volume and quality of applications, MBA admissions director Soojin Kwon reveals in her latest blog post detailing some of the unique aspects of the newest Ross MBA class.

For one, Kwon says this incoming class has the highest GMAT average ever at 708. Approximately 35% of students hail from outside the United States, and 25% of the class is made up of students from non-traditional backgrounds, which includes education, government, medicine, the military and non-profits. “In fact, this year’s class boasts the largest cohort of veterans and teachers to date,” Kwon notes.

Almost two-thirds of the accepted applicants participated in the optional Team Exercise, which thrilled the admissions director because it shows “they value the team-oriented environment at Ross and aren’t afraid of ambiguity,” since this is one aspect of the admissions process that candidates cannot prepare for.

As you consider which schools to apply to this season, make sure to look beyond the websites and reach out to students and alumni to find out if they are truly passionate about their MBA experience or merely came to “check the box and get a great job,” as Kwon describes it.

Fit is hard to describe or define—you know it when you feel it—but is such an important aspect of the MBA experience that applicants should make every effort to ensure the schools they apply to are a good “fit” for them.

“It can mean the difference between just going through the motions so you can check the MBA box and loving your MBA experience,” Kwon says.

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