New Haas MBA Program Courses Look to the Future

Berkeley’s Haas School of Business announced the launch Tuesday of five new courses for full-time Berkeley MBA students this fall, where cutting-edge leadership skills for the changing business landscape will be the focal point.

Below are the five new courses, as described by the Haas School:

“Problem Finding, Problem Solving”

This one-unit seminar taught by Senior Lecturer Sara Beckman is a prerequisite for experiential learning classes. It will give students an appreciation for how to find and define problems, as well as the tools, techniques, and processes for approaching problems””especially “wicked problems,” which defy an easy solution, such as managing climate change and alleviating global poverty.

“At a deeper level, I hope students will each discover something about themselves and how they approach thinking about problems,” Beckman says. “Their takeaways will have to do with changing the ways in which they approach and solve problems, particularly when they work with others.”

“Storytelling for Leadership”

Lead by lecturer Arina Isaacson, in this course full-time Berkeley MBA students will harvest lessons from their own life experience to develop the fundamentals of powerful leadership storytelling.

“Power of Social Technology for Good (PoST4Good)”

Kellie McElhaney, co-faculty director of the Center for Responsible Business, will teach a new course in which students explore how companies are using social technology to build deeper connections with their employees and customers while engaging them for the greater good.

The class will use case studies to develop a PoST4Good Guidebook, and then use the guidebook to outline social media strategy for a company’s corporate social responsibility activation.

“Strategy by Design and Scenario Planning 1 & 2”

This new MBA series will be offered jointly with the College of Engineering. The collaborative courses are taught by expert strategist and author Jay Ogilvy and Teddy Zmrhal, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and learning designer.

They will lead students in a hands-on ride into the future of advanced strategy collaboration using analytical models. The course will count toward students’ Management of Technology certificates.

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