NYU Launches MD/MBA Dual Degree Option

Physicians today must often juggle patient care with the business side of medicine, so to address those unique challenges, NYU School of Medicine and NYU Stern School of Business have launched a five-year, dual MD/Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program.

Dr. Steven Abramson, senior vice president and vice dean for education, faculty and academic affairs at NYU School of Medicine, says the new dual degree program lets students tailor their degree to suit their educational needs while helping prepare them to succeed as future physician leaders in many different settings.

Enrolled students begin at the medical school on a full-time basis for the first three years, then spend the summer of the third year through the spring semester of the fourth year at NYU Stern to pursue MBA coursework. Students return to the medical school for the summer and fall of the fifth year, followed by a final semester at NYU Stern in the spring of the fifth year.

“A changing healthcare environment increasingly requires physician leaders to manage the business of medicine as part of patient care,” says Peter Henry, dean, NYU Stern School of Business. “Our new dual degree program will provide aspiring physicians with the interdisciplinary perspective, business skills and medical expertise to shape the future of healthcare.”

This new program is one of several steps NYU School of Medicine has taken to be at the forefront of transforming medical education. Interested candidates must complete separate applications for the MD and MBA programs.

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