NYU Stern Offers New Course in Tech Entrepreneurship

The recent uptick in serial entrepreneurs who are willing to invest their time and capital to help aspiring technology entrepreneurs succeed has led NYU Stern School of Business to add a new course to its management and organizations department, The Stern Opportunity recently reported.

Foundations of Technology Entrepreneurship, offered in spring 2012 by professor Ari Ginsberg, will help students understand and successfully deal with issues typically faced by technology entrepreneurs, or managers who work in a technology-based startup. Relevant areas of technology innovation include, but are not limited to, information technology, life sciences technology, and clean environment technology.

Unlike other entrepreneurship courses offered in the MBA curriculum, this new course focuses on learning how to identify and evaluate a good technology commercialization opportunity, how to determine the best business approach for commercialization, and how to work with technology inventors and scientists to develop a workable business concept, Stern Opportunity reveals.

According to the online course description, students will have the opportunity to work on new technologies invented by faculty at local universities, such as NYU, Polytech, CUNY, and Stevens Institute who have agreed to be accessible.

Participants will also be able to provide an assessment of the commercial viability of one of thousands of early stage technologies and inventions from over 150 universities and research institutes who have contributed to a centralized data base designed to provide access to individuals seeking innovation commercialization opportunities.

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